Introduction: DIY Pom Pom Heart Coaster and a Mug

I've decided to do a bunch of DIYs that were love inspired and this coaster and a mug were two of them. They are both so cute and pretty and I hope you try to make them too :)

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel HelenaDaydreamer with loads of fun DIY project. Click on the link below:

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Step 1: You Can Watch Full Tutorial Here :)

In case you'd like to watch my full tutorial of all 11 Love inspired crafts, here it is. I will be doing instructables for most of them soon btw. If you would like to watch the tutorial fo just the coaster and the mug fast forward to 3:18 - 4:47

Step 2: Materials You'll Need

For the coaster:

Aluminium foil


Hot glue sticks

Hot glue gun (Dremel 930)

Heart paper stencil(made it myself)


Pom poms

For the mug:

An off white ceramic mug

Porcelain markers(Artistro)

Kitchen oven to set the paints on the mug

Step 3: Heart Coaster

Who is up for a cool pom pom diy?! Let’s make this super cute and colourful coaster! On a piece of aluminium foil, draw a heart shape with a pencil or a pen. Of course I am drawing around a paper stencil I made earlier to keep the heart design as neat as possible. Then follow the outline of the heart with hot glue and keep adding pink pom poms. Make sure they are stack well to the foil and to each other too. And then repeat the process and add different colours of pom poms until you have something resembling a rainbow, then you can stop :)). Peel off the foil to reveal your amazing creation!

If there’s any excess glue, simply cut it off with scissors!

Step 4: The Heart Mug

All right, now we have a coaster, we need a mug to go with it!

Get an off white mug and some porcelain pens and draw hearts with little white dots and a lace trim! Because this mug is not a brilliant white in colour you can actually see the white marker too. Also, when drawing the hearts, do the outline first and then colour it in circular motion as the strokes will be visible and they look a lot better this way.

Bake the cup in your kitchen oven to make the design permanent(350F for 30minutes) and … time for a cup of tea! Cheers ;)