Introduction: DIY Easy Gumball Machine

Make a simple working gumball machine with things you probably have laying around your house.


  • cardboard
  • Big plastic container (with lid)
  • tape
  • a rubber band

Step 1: Holding the Gumballs

Grab your plastic container put a hole at the bottom big enough for the gumballs to fit through but also not too big.

Step 2: Forming the Base

Get some cardboard and form the cardboard into a tube. Attach your tube to the bottom of the plastic container with tape.

Step 3: Continuing the Base

Grab another piece of cardboard and attach it to the other side of the tube using more tape.

Step 4: Making the Loop

Get another piece of cardboard and fold each side up creating a place for the gumball to roll. Then attach it to the tube making sure that when the gumball comes out of the hole it will land on the cardboard and roll down.

Step 5: Adding on to the Loop

Make more pieces and add them to the loop creating a loop around the pipe.

Step 6: Finishing the Loop

Add one more final piece to loop and then so that the gumball won't fall out at the end, cut a piece of cardboard and put it there with tape.

Step 7: Making the Mouth

Add a piece of cardboard covering the hole in the container but only put one piece of tape.

Step 8: Finishing the Mouth

put a rubber band over the container so that when you open the mouth it quickly closes and only one gumball comes out. You can also put a small piece of cardboard under the mouth, if the gumball does not go on the loop and just falls.

Step 9: Loading the Gumballs

Make another one of the pieces you used to make the loop and tape it to the container so that when you drop one down the piece its blocked by the mouth and cant escape. Now your done and you can load all your gumballs and test your gumball machine. Make sure that when you open the mouth you only open it for a second and then let go.

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