Introduction: DIY Electric Fan Powered Cardboard Car

Hello, in this Instructable, I will tell you about my passion of electronics. They never cease to amaze me and it's pretty fascinating how quickly technology is advancing. I do not know very much about them, but I want to learn a lot more. I came up with a simple project that I will show you how I made in this Instructable to demonstrate my passion for electronics. I found motor and I had some glue so I thought about making a fan powered car. It does not last very long. Here is how I made it, now lets get right into it!

Step 1: Gathering Materials


  • Cardboard
  • 8 Bottle Caps (any size is good)
  • 2 Meat Skewers
  • .5Volt Motor
  • Wires
  • 9 Volt Battery (I don't have a 12 volt battery, but this will still work)


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Soldering Iron
• Propellers from an RC helicopter

Step 2: Beginning the Project

To start, you'll need some cardboard, and you will need to cut a piece put 6 inches by 3 inches. You can do this by using a ruler to measure and a pencil to draw lines on a flat piece of cardboard where you are supposed to cut out. Once you have done this, put that piece aside for now.

Step 3: Building the Axles

Take a skewer, and cut both of the pointy ends off, then cut each cut it down to 4.5 inches in length. Do this for both skewers so both are the same. Now, take two bottle caps and hot glue them together down the middle and wait for it to dry. Do the same for all of the bottle caps, so you should have four pairs of two bottle caps glued together. Make a hole in the middle of each pair of bottle caps on one side just big enough to fit the skewer in the hole. Once this is done, then put two bottle caps on each end of one skewer. Now you have your front and rear axle.

Step 4: The Body

Now your almost done. I had some popcicle sticks that I stacked and glued together to put on the body to raise the propellers so they don't hit the ground.

Step 5: You're Finished

I soldered the wires to the battery and the motor so they stay on nicely. Now I just attach the wires to the battery and watch the car go.