Introduction: DIY Electric Screwdriver

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We need the things which makes our living easier, simple and less time consuming.

That is why in today's instructable I am gonna show you how to make a very simple Electric Screwdriver with some easily available materials so that you don't waste time while making your projects.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Some simple materials and tools you will need for this project, such are

Parts :

  • a PVC pipe
  • a geared motor
  • a DPDT switch
  • a plastic tube (8 mm)
  • a 9v battery
  • a screw
  • a marker pen
  • some tape
  • fevicol
  • some foam
  • some steel plate
  • battery clipper
  • some wires
  • some steel wires
  • hexagon wrench socket

Tools :

Buy Clock:

Step 2: Design & Connection

It's a pretty simple design with a PVC pipe which is like a gun so that it gets easy to hold on and grip.

Also, the connection is really simple.

Connections :

Firstly make the DPDT switch connection, because it works both way. Make cross connection joints of the end terminals by soldering wires. Then attach the motor wires '+' and '-' in end terminals and battery wires '+' and '-' in the middle terminals of the switch through a push button, like shown in the picture.

Step 3: Making the Frame

We are making the assembly gets easy to handle and use properly and make it more comfortable to use.

Take the PVC pipe, cut it in middle with a hacksaw, then insert it in the other end of the pipe by wrapping some tape on it, so that it fits tightly.

Step 4: Set Up & Installing the Motor

The motor is the main head, you can use 300-500 rpm motor with a high torque, so choose the motor wisely.

So, now take the plastic tube and cut it in the size of the motor shaft and insert it in the shaft.

After that take the hexagon wrench socket and tight fit it in the shaft and insert the whole motor assembly into the the PVC pipe.

Step 5: Set Up the Touch Switch

For this step you can attach a ready made push button switch or you can simply follow my step.

I also made a push button if you need then check out,

So, take the handle part of the pipe and make two holes in it with a hole dipper.

Then take a piece of steel plate, soldier a wire onto it and insert the wire through the first hole & hot glue it. (this wire will go to the dpdt switch middle terminal)

After that take another piece of steel & bend it, attach another wire and screw it in the second hole. (this wire goes to the battery '+')

So our switch is ready now for functioning as a touch button.

Step 6: Installing the DPDT Switch

We are putting it in the upper part so that it can can be easily switched with the thumb finger. Now take a pen and mark the box needed to fit the switch and cut it out.

This switch allows you to spin the motor in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. So that you can screw in and out as needed.

Connections :
So, in the connection part take the red and black wires representing '+' and '-' of the motor and battery and soldier them as shown. After soldering is done, insert the switch and hot glue it.

Step 7: The Bottom Cover

For the bottom part I used a plastic cap as an enclosure, which could be easily pick out for replacing batteries as needed.

We will use a battery clipper so that external battery can be attached and replaced when it got discharges. Now take the plastic cap and cut it so that the battery clip can be fitted and wires can come through. Then hot glue the battery clipper into the cap and insert the wires through the hole.

Step 8: Install the Battery

Remember there will be two wires coming out from the cap, one from the touch switch and other from the DPDT switch and both will go to positive(yellow) and negative(blue) of the battery terminals.

So, attach the 9V battery into the battery clip and insert it into the PVC pipe. Now, soldier the wires coming out in the backside of the battery clip.

Step 9: Make the Front Head

We will add a front head so that it will work nicely and look good.

So, take some thermocol piece and cut it in a cone shape as shown in pictures. We will also add a ring onto above so that our screw socket spins smoothly. Now take some steel wire and make a ring by turning 2-3 loops around and place it above the foam model.

After that, put some fevicol on the motor and also on the foam and stick them together.

Step 10: Fabrication

Now we have done everything, all we need to do is some fabrication, because design makes things beautiful.

So take a Red marker and color the front head of the foam piece or make your own designs.

Also take some Black insulated tape and tape around the pipe in the specified places so that it gives a black and white finish.

So our product is now ready for use. Go and have fun.

Step 11: Finish

So its a very beautiful and easy project guys. I made this because I needed one and don't have bucks to expense. You can also make one your own, just trust yourself. Remember need is the key.

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