Introduction: DIY Electric Storage Box

You can use any sort of box or anything that can hold what u need and any sort of bits and bobs to add for customising.

Step 1: This Is Not a Hard Build at All But Its a Cool One.

This build is so easy a toddler could do it but it is cool it a cool desktopper or conversation starter i started by looking in my bin in my shed i found some old cables some old phone electronics an led and and old broken speed controller for and ebike and mashed them together to make this. this can hold pencils and pens paint brushes screwdrivers just about anything that fits.

First i lighlty sanded the box after removing the circuit board a use a paper stencil to make the bolt design i primed painted and finished with an undercoat and add some cables and electronic parts with some super glue and tape.

As a final touch i connected an old led to a near dead 9v battery and it looked like a sort of broken electric box spewing sparks.

In conclusion i always see these big and complex projects on this site which dont get me wrong i love but for someone wanting to make something just to make something a project like this is great it looks cool is easy dirt cheap and can teach you some lessons every item i used was heading for the trash and was reused and i now use for holding pens and pencils on my desk and it looks great.

thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you vote for me.