Introduction: DIY Eraser Stamps

This are the DIY eraser stamps


(big) Erasers
Carving knife
Pencil (to sketch your idea out first)

Step 1: Materials

Make sure you have all your materials ready.

Step 2: Sketch

Sketch your idea on the eraser with a pencil.

Tip: If your pattern has writing on it, make sure you write it mirrored!

Step 3: Carving

Grab your carving knife and carve the drawed piece’s out of the eraser.

Tip: Don’t carve in your own direction, because then you will hurt yourself.

Step 4: Painting

Now get some paint our your stamping mat and create something cool

Tip: Don't use too much paint!!! Otherwise the paint will also get into the carved pieces and you get just the size of the eraser.