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In this instructable I'll show you how I make a flat shoe using Tape.

This is a really fun method for making 3-dimensional objects and works for anything that has a smooth surface.

The important thing is to tape in small areas so you can pull the pieces off easily.

Trying to tape too much at once will cause the whole section to stick or warp.

This isn't the fastest DIY since one shoe takes about 1-2 hours to complete.


Let's GO!!!!!!

Step 1: Things Required

2x Cello-Tape

1xFlat shoe for prototyping


Step 2: Making the Left Side of the Shoe

Start cutting the tape into small parts and stick it on the front-half side of the shoe in 3 to 4 layers, so that the sticked shape becomes stiff/hard and comes in the proper shape, if not, than stick until it comes in the proper shape.

I have used in 7 layers in the front for the better stability and thickness.

Step 3: Lower Part

Now, for the lower side-portion, again start by layering the tape on the shoe.

Before removing check, if the tape is sticked in the proper shape, if not repeat the steps until you get proper shape.

Step 4: Left-side Finished

Now join the Upper part and lower part by keeping again on the shoe.

Now stick it both portion by sticking 1-2 layer of tape.

And for finishing add a whole layer of tape around the portion.

Step 5: Making Right -Side

Now for the upper right side , start again by sticking the small cello tape on it.

Check for the stability and proper thickness, if not add more layer to it.

Step 6: Lower Right Side

Now for the lower part of the right side,stick the tape on it layer by layer.

Step 7: Right -Side Finished

Now stick the both the upper and lower part by placing on the shoe for the proper shape and start sticking the tape on it.

For better finishing add a more layer to the whole part.

Step 8: Joining Left and Right Sides

Now after completing both the sides, stick them together by placing on the shoe and tape them so one complete part is made.

And add a layer to the finished portion.

Stick tape in the inside part also.

Step 9: Making the Sole and Finish the Shoe

Repeat the previous steps for making the sole and at last join all the part together.

Add extra tape around edges for smooth shape.

Do this for second shoe also.

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