Introduction: DIY Fairy House

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How to make a fairy house with plastic bottle and clay.


Plastic bottle, modeling clay, glue, scissor, cardboard, aluminum foil.

Step 1: Base Design

Cut the bottle from the center and cut off removing the cap nose part. Cut the cardboards in to circle shape (2 pieces) one for the bottom support and lager one for the roof base.

Step 2: Roof Design

Cover the cardboards with aluminum foil and glue. Fix this as the roof.

Step 3: Making Clay Roof

Cover the clay all over the foil ang and stick with glue.This layer should be with a minimum thickness and foil should not seen out.

Step 4: Body Design

After fixing the roof apply glue over the bottle and stick clay with 1"thickness...In this stage you can add design over the body by pressing any desired materials nor simply drawing.

Step 5: Final Result

Here I colored the fairy house with acrylic colors and gave some floral designs over the ody and roof to get more natural and vintage look... All your creative designs you can try over the base design. Happy crafting ❤️😍 be creative. Give a try and do let me know if you have any queries...