DIY Fake Flower Safe

Introduction: DIY Fake Flower Safe

This pot of flowers is hiding a secret! For the paranoiacs out there, this is for you!

Step 1: Prepare...

... fake flowers,

a flowerpot,

a marker,


brown felt,

and a plastic corrugated board.

Step 2: Take...

...the flowerpot and trace an outline of its rim on both the brown felt and the plastic corrugated board. Cut both the outlines out.

Step 3: Cut...

... a little bit off the plastic corrugated board so that it can roughly fit into the flowerpot like the picture above.

Step 4: Use...

... the felt shape and put it onto the corrugated board. Trace out the side of the flowerpot like above. Remove the felt and cut out the outline.

Step 5: Poke...

... a hole into the plastic corrugated board shape so that the fake flowers' stem could hold the shae as shown above.

Step 6: Remove...

... the shape from the stem of the fake flowers and then glue on the brown felt shape onto it using superglue. The brown felt is used for covering the holes that the corrugated board shape couldn't.

Step 7: Poke...

... a hole into the felt in the exact same place as the hole in the plastic corrugated board, so that the above could happen. Glue the stem and the shape together using superglue. Let it dry.

Step 8: My Final Outcome:

You're done!

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    2 years ago

    No one puts fake flowers ina flower pot. No one puts fake flowers in dirt. Everyone notices that fake flowers aren't real flowers. Therefore, this is not credible , which means it is not a good hiding spot