Introduction: DIY Filigree Mask

About: Hi! My name in Miranda Sarmiento. I am an architect and I really like art and creativity.

Hello, and welcome to my first Instructable.

In this tutorial I will show you how to build step by step a beautiful filigree mask that can serve as decoration on a shelf or you can use it at any party or family gathering.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Some filigree paper strips 28 cm long x 5 mm wide and 70 cm long x 5 mm wide in color: white, fuchsia, lilac, light green, dark green, violet, yellow, light orange, dark orange.
  • Glue or pegastic.
  • A mold of plastic mask.
  • Scissors.
  • Violet ribbon.

Step 2: First Steps

You must make 106 white rolls of different sizes to fill the bottom of the mask, some tighter and some looser (watch the following video).

With this same process we make all the mask (See the images attached to this step).

Step 3: Preparing More Filigree Rolls

Divide some 70 cm long strips of fuchsia and lilac in four equal parts.

Make tight rolls, 36 fuchsia rolls and 12 lilac rolls for each eye.

Step 4: Eye Contour

Around the eye contour of the mask mold paste one roll after another fuchsia color, and on the upper side of the contour paste lilac rolls in the form of eyebrow.

Step 5: Lower Edge of the Mask

Divide the light green 70 cm strip into four equal parts. Make a loose roll, pinch the two ends and then take one end to the right and another to the left.

Then glue one end of the figure with the end of the other figure and thus make the bottom edge.

Step 6: White Mask Background

First we made a roll in the shape of a tear to place it in the middle of the eye and eyebrow (See the first three photos of this step).

Then, with the 106 white rolls, some bigger and some smaller, we fill the bottom of the mask as seen in the photos (See the other photos of this step).

Step 7: Splice Colors for the Flower

Glue a paper tape with the other paper tape to achieve the desired gradient, in this case yellow and orange.

Step 8: Put Together the Flower

To assemble the flower you need: Petals (yellow and orange), center (orange and yellow), details (purple rolls), leaves (green) The corresponding figures are assembled and pasted as shown in the photos.

Step 9: Finishing

The filigree mask is carefully removed from the base mask.

Finally, you can insert a violet ribbon to use your mask.

I hope that you all enjoyed this Instructable! Thanks for
reading and watching.


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