Introduction: DIY Firecracker Banner

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Make a fun firecracker banner for your next 4th of July event or photo booth!

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  • empty toilet paper tubes
  • red paint
  • white paint
  • blue paint
  • scrap paper
  • yarn (or twine, or whatever you'd like to use for the "fuses" & string)
  • paintbrushes
  • glue

Step 1: Paint

Paint the toilet paper tubes red, white, & blue.

Allow to dry.

Step 2: Tops

Paint the scrap paper the color of the tubes (optional).

Allow to dry.

Cut or punch a hole in the center & glue onto the top of each tube. (I'd recommend cutting them into smaller pieces, a bit bigger than the tube openings before making the holes).

*I recommend adding the "fuse" before gluing this paper on. (See the next step.)

Once dry, cut the paper around the tube.

Step 3: "Fuse" & Tissue Paper

Cut approx. 7" lengths of your "fuse" material. Make enough for the number of "firecrackers" you're making.

Loop & tie each, then place through the paper hole.

*Recommendation: do this before you glue on the paper. If you do it after, just use some small scissors or something to help poke it in.

Next, cut small-ish pieces of matching tissue paper & adhere over the paper using glue & a paintbrush or your finger. Allow some overhang. Paint over the tissue paper with a thin layer of glue.

Step 4: Trim, Glue

Trim the tissue paper edge to a rough circle, leaving some extra.

Glue around the edges & smooth down, gluing over that as well. You can use a paintbrush or your finger for this as well.

Allow to dry.

Step 5: Glue, Trim, Glue

Cut a piece of tissue paper a bit bigger than the bottom opening of the tube.

Spread glue around the ring of the tube & place the tube on the tissue paper. Adjust as necessary.

Trim around the circumference & glue around the edge like you did with the top.

Cut a long length of the material you used for your "fuses." Loop & arrange the "firecrackers" as you like & display your banner!

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