Introduction: DIY Doll/Stuffed Animal Face Mask From T-Shirt Sleeves & Scrap Ribbon

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Upcycle two t-shirt sleeves & some ribbon scraps (maybe a hair bow project gone wrong, never finished, or otherwise sitting around?) into a doll or stuffed animal face mask!


  • 2 t-shirt sleeves (or other scrap material)
  • 4 ribbon scraps
  • ruler (or you can eyeball it)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • hand-sewing needle (sort of optional)
  • thread
  • safety pin (optional)
  • t-shirt yarn (or other yarn/string) - about 24"

Step 1: Cut

Cut the sleeves off the shirt. Save the shirt for another project.

Remove the hems, then cut near the seams to make two flat pieces of material.

Cut two rectangles (one from each sleeve) to about 4" x 5.5".

Step 2: Pin & Sew

Pin a loop of ribbon scrap close to each corner.

I found it easiest to first pin each loop to one side, then add the other piece of material on top, making a "ribbon sandwich." Then I moved the pins to include both pieces of material & the ribbon.

Right sides should be together.

Sew along the perimeter, leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Be careful not to catch the ribbons in the seams (looks like I might have done that a little...oh well!). If that happens, you can rip out that part of the seam & close it with the top stitch (iron & pin to make this a little easier), rip out the entire seam & resew, leave as-is, or use this one for a small rag (makeup remover wipe anyone) & start over with a different pair of t-shirt sleeves.

If it gets frustrating, take a break & come back to it a little later. Also consider getting a snack. Hanger can be a real problem.

Step 3: Turn, Iron & Sew

Turn your mask right side out, remember to fully turn the corners. Closed scissors can help with this.

Iron the mask. Pinning the opening might help.

Sew around the perimeter, making sure to close the opening. Consider starting, stopping, & back stitching around where the pleat will end up to kind of hide it.

Step 4: Pleats

Fold the mask almost in half, then iron a crease.

Make another fold to complete the pleat, then iron that crease & add a pin.

Either hand stitch the pleat down on the edges (follow along the existing seam or use a whip stitch on the edges), or sew a small horizontal line on each side of the pleat.

Step 5: Add Strap

Thread the t-shirt yarn through the loops, like in the picture. Depending on the size of the loops, a safety pin attached to the end of the t-shirt yarn might make this process easier.

The loop will go around the back of the toy's head, then the tie will tie in the back as well.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Give these as a gift to a child in your life, or enjoy them yourself!

If you make some of these, please tag me on Instagram &/or Facebook.

Stay safe!

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