Introduction: DIY Floating Candles

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In this Instructable you´ll learn how to make a floating candle. Being able to make your own is very useful, becuase it is way cheaper and you can use your favourite scent and color.

For it to be able to float, it needs to have a special UFO shape, it may look tricky to replicate but follow my instructions and you´ll see I was able to make it very easy.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Small pan

Paraffin wax (or other kind of wax like beeswax)

Two dispossable plastic cups, shaped like a dome.


A pointy metallic object, like a fork or drill bit


Permanent Marker


A wick or if you don´t have one, find a candle and take it off

Step 2: Make the First Half

Pour the wax into the pan, use medium heat.

Stir so that the wax begin melting. Once it´s melted turn off the heat and let it cool.

Because we are going to pour it into plastic molds it doesn´t has to be very hot. It has to be liquid and warm but not hot.

You can stir or wait until it cools down a little.

Meanwhile grab your plastic cup and make a mark at 2cm.

Pour the warm wax in the plastic until the mark.

Step 3: Prepare the Second Container

Make a hole in the bottom.

Put the wick through that hole.

Tape the bottom to secure the wick in place and to seal the hole.

Step 4: Pierce the First Candle

Heat your fork or other pointy metallic object like a drill bit. Pierce the candle right in the middle.

You might have to heat it again until you can complete the hole.

Step 5: Pour More Wax

Melt more wax and while you wait for it to cool down a little bit, cut a piece of thin wire and attach it to the top of the wick.

It will help us pull the wich through the hole of the first half of the candle we made.

This time pour 3cm of wax. Then put the wick in the first half and put it on top of the melted wax.

Step 6: Final Details

Once it´s cool, all that´s left is take out the extra wax with the scissors.

Step 7: Enjoy!

That´s it! It works wonderful, if you have a fancy dinner they make beautiful centerpieces with sunken flowers.

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