Introduction: DIY Flower Bouquet

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I've seen these flower bouquet decor pieces everywhere, but I had not found one I really liked, so I decided to once again create my own :)

Here are the simple steps I took to create this piece. I've also included my step by step video in case you want to check it out and hear my awesome voice (just kidding! I'm not a fan of my vocal skills lol)

Step 1: Materials

Everything I got at the Dollar Tree Store for $1 each

*I already had the E6000 glue* (you can use any type of strong hold glue or hot glue gun)


-Flowers (two different bouquets)

-Floral Foam ( I used this since I couldn't find a styrofoam ball at that store and I was too lazy to look elsewhere)

-Candlestick holder

Step 2: Trimming Time

Using the pliers, I trimmed the stems of the flowers. I tried to leave them long enough to where they wouldn't fall off the floral foam.

Step 3: Glue

Then I simply added E6000 glue to the rim of the candlestick holder.

*I had a bit of trouble with it adhering to the floral foam, so perhaps hot glue would have worked better*

Step 4: Add Foam

Like I mentioned before, I didn't find a styrofoam ball at the store I went to, So I decided to just get floral foam and "shape" it into a ball. Clearly it is not a perfect circle shape, but it worked! When being lazy and creative finally pays off :)

Step 5: Add Flowers

The last step is simply sticking the flowers to the floral foam. I decided to alternate between the two types of flowers I got, in no particular order. I really liked how it turned out! Most of all I really loved how inexpensive and easy it was to create my own Flower Bouquet! I will most certainly be making more of these :)

Step 6: