Introduction: DIY Folding Pet's House

This is a folding pet's house. I was thinking about pet supplies and I noticed if there is a folding pet's house, it would be much easier to travel with their pets. Also, the cardboard is a material than we can find easily in ordinary life so I decided to use cardboard for this prototype.

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard 2 Pieces for Each 20 X 29 and 20 X 24.

Firstly, cut the cardboard by 20 x 29 size two times and also cut another cardboard by 20 x 24 sizes two times.

Important thing! : as the second picture shows the 20 x 24 size of cardboard need to be folding by the middle.

Step 2: Attach Each Pieces of the Cardboard

Firstly, cover the pieces by using any color paper than Sticks those cardboards together by using tapes to make a bok shape.

Important thing! : the concave part of 20 x 24 piece should go inside.

Step 3: Make the Roofs

Cut another two pieces of cardboard that are 29 x 16 then cover it by another color paper.

Step 4: Connect the Pieces From Last Step to the Main Body

As the picture shows, connect the roof cardboard pieces to the main body.

important thing! : do not connect to the folding piece(which is 20 x 24) with the roofs and make sure that the roofs can move up and down as the picture shows.

Step 5: Make a Entry

Cut out the entry that is 12(width) x 7 (length) with a half-circle with a radius of 6 like the picture shows.

Important thing! : be careful to use the cutter knife!

Step 6: Create the Handles

Cut the two handles that are 13 x 13 sizes and cut off the rectangular shape in the middle that is 6 cm away from one side and 2 cm away from another 3 sides.

Then cover it by using the same color paper that we used for roofs

Step 7: Connect the Handles and Complete the Prototype

Connect the handles to the middle of each roof

then attach the velcro tapes to the middle of the handle and in the main body so each velcro loop and hook can stick to each other.

Step 8: Then Finally We Are Done!

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