Introduction: DIY Fondant Bunny Rabbit Cake Topper

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An easy to make bunny cake topper made out of fondant. A great project for fondant beginners. He will be a hit on Easter or spring cakes.

Things needed:

Fondant (white, black and pink)

Leaf cookie cutter

Small round cookie cutter or lid


Fondant ball tool or artist's paint brush

Step 1: Make the Ears

Roll out some white fondant about a 1/4" thick. Use a leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut out 2 ears. Insert a toothpick into the rounded end of each ear. Place over a dowel or small rolling pin to give the ears some shape.

Step 2: Make the Head

Roll out a ball of white fondant. Then use a fondant ball tool or end of an artists brush to make 2 indentations where the eyes are going to be placed.

Step 3: Make the Eyes

Roll 2 small balls of black fondant. Insert into the indentations made in the previous step. Push in slightly.

Step 4: Make the Nose

Roll out a small ball of pink fondant. Shape it into a circle or oval. Attach it to the head. Use a little water if needed.

Step 5: Make the Feet

Use a small cookie cutter, lid, or end of a decorating tip to cut out 2 circles. Use a knife to make a small slit in one end to make the toes.

Step 6: Attach the Ears

Insert the toothpicks in the ears into the head. Use a little water to keep the ears in place if needed. Put him on your cake and enjoy!