Introduction: DIY "Galaxy" Sweatshirts! or Anything You Want to "SPACE-ify"!

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I love galaxy inspired prints and jackets but did not like the price tag($75 for leggings? I could just buy an entirely new wardrobe at a thrift store and still have enough money for lunch!) and thought it would be awesome to make an Instructable to make your own "galaxy" clothing article!

This is a great gift for those who are on a tight budget this Christmas or for those who want to make their plain old black sweatshirt, t-shirts, jeans, whatevers into space-tacular stylish wear!

It even glows in the dark and is great for parties under black lights hahaha

If you have plain old boring black clothes laying around that you don't wear anymore... UPCYCLE AND MAKE GALAXY SHIRTS.

It's an easy way to make a "one of a kind" wardrobe!

If you can't paint... IT'S OKAY! YOU CAN DO THIS!

It's super easy to do and takes maybe an hour or two depending on how much you want to "build" the paint.

  • T-shirt Paints:ANY COLOR YOU LIKE! This is going to be your creation! BE CREATIVE!Don't forget a glow in the dark paint (I used a IRIDESCENT BLUE, IRIDESCENT PURPLE, IRIDESCENT PINK, WHITE and GLOW IN THE DARK BLUE) $1.50 each
  • Sponges: I used my unused makeup sponges but really any clean unused sponge will do
  • Palette or unneeded piece of scrap cardboard: I used a piece of cardboard I ripped off a cereal box but you can use a palette.
  • A small paintbrush or tooth pick: To paint the planets and bigger stars
  • Black sweatshirt, T-shirt, canvas bag, sweatpants, jeans, etc.: Anything you feel like painting.
Cost of Project: Depending on how much your sweatshirt, t-shirt, canvas bag, jeans, etc. costs but the paints and sponges themselves are $10

I highly recommend if you buy from Joanns or Michaels to print out their coupons for your purchase(Joanns and Michaels both take each others coupons)

Got everything on the list? LET'S GET STARTED

Step 1: Let's Start Sponge Painting the Base, BLUE!

Okay so if you picked the same colors as me: Great! Follow my instructions!

If you picked your own colors: Your darkest color is your base.

Take your blue(darkest paint) and squeeze some onto your palette, about the size of a dime(or in my case my cereal box scrap).

Don't add too much, you can always add more.

Take your sponge and lightly dab it into the paint and sponge on the paint lightly on the places you want to make your "galaxy" begin.

Don't sponge on the paint too thick because it'll be harder to fix mistakes, better to paint lightly and slowly build up your paint.

One you painted it let it sit and dry for about 5 ~ 10 minutes before adding another coat of paint.

I did about 3 layers of blue paint.

Step 2: Working That Paint to a Lighter Color, PURPLE!

I used the same sponge(it dried) but you can switch it out if you want.

So again, put a dime size splotch of paint on your palette and dab your sponge into the paint again.

This time dab the purple paint on top of the blue but don't paint over all of the blue.

Again, build up the paint and wait between each coat before adding more paint.

You want to gradually build the paint and give it a "gradation" effect.

Step 3: The Lightest Layer, PINK!

Dab the pink into your dime size paint splotch and dab it onto your "purple" areas.

Again make it blend and gradually build up your paint.

It should start looking more "galaxy" like.

Step 4: A Smokey Mists of Stardusts! WHITE!

You can skip this step totally if you don't like the white(I skipped white on the shoulders I painted later)
I used the edge of the sponge to lightly dab on the white paint.


More like highlighting the lightest edges(the pink parts) and giving it a whimsical whirl.

Step 5: Glow in the Dark Paint Time: Glow in the Dark BLUE!

So I used a blue glow in the dark paint but you are free to use any glow in the dark product.

This is not a necessary step but because it is the galaxy and galaxies glow I thought it would be a cool effect!

Glow paint is pretty faint so you need to build it up a lot.

Again put a dime size amount of glow paint onto your palette.

Take your sponge and dab it into the paint and press on the paint to all the painted areas very lightly and let it dry.

Repeat that a few more times till it's all glossed over but not too glossed where you can't see the vivid colors beneath(the blues, purples, pinks and whites)

(The photo was taken after it was dry)

Step 6: Placing the Stars and Planets Throughout the "sky"!

Here's the fun part: Placing the stars!

Cluster the stars where the paint is the most vibrant and brightest(Pink) and gradually lessen stars where the colors darken.

The black parts of your sweatshirts should be very sparse or should not have any stars at all.

Make different size stars!

I used my white t-shirt paint and my glow in the dark blue t-shirt paint to make the stars.

Have fun with it, just don't add too much paint and make sure you have room to add planets!

I drew circles, diamonds, rings and whatnots throughout my "galaxy" but feel free to do anything you like!

After you paint all the stars wait about 15 minutes before painting planets.

Step 7: Finished Product!

It's so easy and even if you aren't an "artist" you can do it!

I haven't taken a photo of it in the dark yet but I will post it up soon!

All the planets and stars glow in the dark!

Hoped you enjoyed this Instructable and would take the time to VOTE for my instructable!

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