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Make sure you have a clean face to work with. Seriously. It's not sanitary. It's gross and it will lead to bacteria growing in your make up and cause pink eye, pimples and not-looking-as-good-as-you-would-if-you-would-have-taken-the-time-to-wash-your-face. I know a lot of people who think it's ok to cake on make up when they still have yesterday's make up melting off their face. Not cute at all.

Back to Rocky Horror, take the handy dandy nontoxic kids glue stick and glue your eyebrows and make sure all the hairs are all nicely going the same direction.

Wait for it to dry. While you are waiting go ahead and practice the Time Warp. I mean it. SING IT TOO!

By the time you finish that little dance your eyebrows will be dry!

Take your liquid foundation and blend it in with your skin. DON'T FORGET YOUR NECK TOO!

Next, use your powder foundation and brush to matte your face and neck. This will prevent your make up from melting off your face.

Step 1: Dr. Frank-N-Furter - a Make Up Tutorial

I'm sorry it took me so gosh darn long to post this up! The only time I can actually do make up tutorials and take photos are in the middle of the night when my almost 6 month old is fast asleep(I had to keep redoing this because my son would start crying in the middle of a make up session...). It took me 5 different make up photo sessions to finally be able to go through it all and finish a look. I promise my Voldemort look will be up soon!

****I'm sorry about the stupid lighting that keeps changing in the photographs... I hate auto adjusting webcameras... hahaha****
ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! The look I did is Dr. Frank-N-Furter's look, the mad evil scientist that Tim Curry plays in the film. If you have never seen the film I'm going to warn you, Tim Curry will never be the same.

This look was a fairly easy look to replicate but it might take you a few tries to actually get used to contouring your face. Hopefully my Instructable helps you achieve this look!

Liquid foundation: Preferably the lightest or at least 2,3 shades lighter than your actual skin
Powder foundation: Preferably the lightest or at least 2,3 shades lighter than your actual skin
Eye shadows: Matted types - black, brown and purple. Satin types - gray, gray/blue, black, white(or a super light gold)
Liquid eye liners: Black *******(You can use a pencil but I personally prefer liquid)
Nontoxic kids glue stick
A couple of clean make up brushes
Hair curler
Hair brush
Hair spray
Bobby pins

Tons of patience

***** The italic ones are not needed if you use a wig.


Step 2: Contouring Your Cheeks

Some people won't need to do this because the naturally have a well defined bone structure but I need that little boost to help "emphasize" my look.

Take a matte brown and purple( not photographed but I later used a bit of matte black to deepen my hollows of the cheek) and do exactly what I did in my second photo. From an inch out the corner of my lips stroke down and from that same corner start point stroke up towards the ear. Then make a "sideburn" and stop a little past your temples.

Blend very well. You don't want to leave harsh lines!

Step 3: Contouring the Nose! Laying the Base of the Eye Shadow.

I don't have a nose like Dr. Frank-N-Furter. That's why I need to add this step to make my nose look a lot pointier and smaller at the sides. If you already have a nice nose then skip this step!

Take your matte brown and draw 2 lines right down the side of your nose leaving the ridge as is. Then when you get to the bottom connect those 2 lines right below where the "point" should be. Take your brush and circle the "point" so it has a more defined look. Use your brush or finger to blend the lines on your nose.

Use that last bit of matte brown eye shadow and make a light trace of where you will put the rest of the eye shadow. Make sure both sides are about the same shape!

Take your satin gray and color your entire eyelid and eyebrows. Blend down towards the nose from the inner corners of your eyes but don't blend down too far! This is the base of where you will be adding the rest of your shadows upon.

Take your matte black and create a higher crease mark(or if you already have lovely creases that are high enough just define your crease mark). You also want to go ahead and define the top part of your nose with the black too to give your nose more bone structure.

Step 4: Eyeliner & Smokey Eye Time!

Take your liquid eyeliner(or pencil eyeliner if you wish) and create a thick "cat eye" like shape. Remember to go a little further down the corners of your eyes to make your eyes look more angled.

Take a black eye shadow(glittery or matte, any is fine!) and pat on the black over your eyeliner to prevent smudging.

Blend the black up towards the crease you previously made and don't forget to do the bottom too! You want it to have that smokey look.

Once you have finished blending take a bluish gray shadow and highlight your brow bones and the inner corners of your eyes. This is not a necessary step but if you are going out to a place with dim lighting do not skip this step. Without it your eye shadow will look bland and dull.

Step 5: The Evil Lips

Take a dark red lip stick(I only have a dark pink one so I needed to smear in some black to darken it)and I recommend you use either a fine tipped brush or angled brush to line your lips.

Draw the "V" on your lips, go ahead and continue the line a little past the actual lip.

Then continue down till you are two thirds of the way, you want the edge of your lips to curve upwards to perfect that evil smile Dr. Frank-N-Furter has.

Once that's done continue lining the rest of your lip and to the same on the other side.

Color in your lip! ****I realized that I mixed too much black so I went back and added more pinks and red to brighten the lips but kept the edges dark so it would look like a dark lip liner.

As you can see it gives the natural small evil smile without actually having to smile.

Step 6: Recreating the Eyebrows!

Get your black liquid eyeliner again to line your eyebrows!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter's drawn eyebrows don't actually go on the eyebrows. His are placed right above where the natural eyebrows are. It's more of a drag queen type of eye brows and has a high arch to them.

Mark at the start, arch and end along the upper edge of your eyebrow.

Connect those dots! A straight line from the start to the arch and then a slight curve from the arch to the end. Once those dots are connected, go ahead and thicken those babies up! I'm looking at the photo's I took and kind of wish I made them a bit thicker... hahaha

****I did not photograph it but take some of your matte eye shadow and mix dab a damp brush into the eye shadow to create a "cream" to go over those freshly drawn eyebrows.

Take your powder brush and brush off any loose powder that ended up on your cheeks.

Step 7: Touch Ups! Not a Necessary Step But It Is Recommended

Take your liquid eye liner to give your nose a triangular shape nostril. DON'T STICK THE EYE LINER IN YOUR NOSE! That would be gross, just the outside skin!.

Use a light eye shadow of some sort to highlight the point of the nose, the ridge of the nose, under the eyes and cheeks. It will accentuate the face.

Take your foundation and powder brush to remove any fallen eye shadow dust and whatnot.

If the hollows of your cheek are looking kind of bland, go ahead and use that matte purple and black to contour those cheeks again.

IT'S MY MAGNUM FACE! IT'S, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! (for those who don't know what Magnum is, I highly recommend you watch Zoolander)

For those using a wig the tutorial ends here but for those who want to use their natural hair and recreate the Dr. Frank-N-Furter's hair, BEWARE! Tons of hair spray is needed.

Step 8: Lots of Hairspray Will Be Used

Brush out all tangles while your curling iron is heating up. I recommend a smaller curler to make "tighter" curls but I could not find mine to save my life... hahaha

You probably know how to curl your hair but if you don't take small one inch sections and curl upwards to create the messy curl. NO NEED TO BE A PERFECTIONIST HERE, you will be teasing it at the end so the messier the better.

After each curl spray a bit of hair spray on the fresh new curl so it doesn't fall out.

All your hair is curled? Yes, well you are going to go ahead and spray the shenanigans out of your hair. Imagine it as a morning mist for your hair that will make it look beautiful.

**** I took the liberty to change into a dark green knee long turtle neck dress but could not find my white pearl necklace... I need to work on my organization skills

Once you finish hair spraying your hair get a brush and start teasing it. Take an inch worth of hair and back comb it a couple of times, repeat this step till your entire hair is completely teased.

Hair spray the shenanigans out of your head again.

With some bobby pins take up some hair and curl it upwards then pin the newly rolled hair to your head. Slightly pull the roll out to give it that mad messy look. Repeat this step till all hair is rolled and pulled loose!


Once you got your costume on you are done!

Congratulations! You are now Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

What do I do at the end of my tutorial you ask? Wash my make up off with a Japanese oil based make up remover and go to bed.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!! I promise to post up Voldemort's one tomorrow!

*****I'm so sorry I never got around posting the Lord Voldemort look... I didn't want to post a instructable that I feel could have been tweaked to be better. 
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