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Introduction: DIY Gamer Flicker Book

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Fed up with staring at a screen. Go analogue and make your own paper DIY Gamer Flicker book. Draw your animation image by image on the downloadable template, and get colouring. The DIY Gamer only has a one colour screen, but with the paper version, you can have as many colours as you like. Go crazy, you can can even do it in a field with no wifi or electricity. Get your head around that one...

Step 1: You Will Need:

Flicker Book template (downloadable from here)




Step 2: The DIY Gamer

A DIY Gamer has a screen that is 8 x 8, that is only 64 squares to light. It is designed like this so it is easier to program. Our flicker book version is exactly the same, with an 8 x 8 screen to colour in image.

Step 3: Think of an Idea

You could animate a flower growing, or a jumping alien. We have even seen someone animate a 3D bear’s head spinning. You could also go abstract and animate lines, patterns and colours.You have the freedom to choose, no two animations are ever the same.

Step 4: Get Colouring

Get colouring. The first image is the first frame of your animation. Colour as many frames as you like.

Step 5: Cut

Cut them out along the dotted lines.

Step 6: Place in Order

Place them in sequence in a pile. There are numbers in bottom left corner to help you keep them in the right order

Step 7: Staple

When you are happy, staple on the bottom edge.

Step 8: Get Flicking

The faster you flick the quicker the animation.

These flicker books get better with use as the pages start to curls, helping the flick action.

Happy animating.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I think that a GIF in here would look great!