DIY. Gel Eyeshadow!!!!!!!!$




Introduction: DIY. Gel Eyeshadow!!!!!!!!$

Are you looking for a vibrant color of eyeshadow ? Please try this. It works so well

Step 1: Ingredients

1.petroleum jelly or vasiline
2.spoon eye shadow
4.desired container for finished product

Step 2: Add Ingredients

Ok. you will most likley want this to be easy so add the. Gel on the plate first(btw you need a plate ; ) then scrape some of the eyeshadow on top. It will be hard to mix but it will help if you push the mix together as you mix.

Step 3: Finish

Put gel in your container and pat on counter then let it sit a few minutes Then ENJOY!!!!!!!! plz comment

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    5 years ago

    I am sorry yall this is my first instructable and the first step did not load. You will need petroleum jelly or vasiline ,a spoon, a plate, cheap eyeshadow and a desired container