Introduction: DIY Gift Box

Have a Birthday, Holiday, Baby shower, or celebration coming up? Want to express your fondness with more than a store bought gift?

DIY Gift Box, a fun project you can do at home to show you put effort into your gift. They won't only have a wonderful gift but also a beautiful storage box! No throwing away here, the DIY Gift Box can serve as multipurpose storing! Shoes, Accessories, and memorabilia are only a few of the things than can be stored in a box with the right shape and size.

Step 1: Getting Your Materials Together

These are the materials you'll need:

A box - Any size or shape cardboard box. (You can even use a shoe box!)

Paint - Where going to brighten up the box by adding some color to it. Any craft paint will do but if you want your box to look a certain way you can always check the label of the paint.

Paint Brush(es) - A thick brush will work well when painting our main color in. If you wish to paint your box more than one color you should get a medium brush depending on where and for what. (Painting small details will require a smaller brush)

A container or plastic cup filled with water - This is for dipping our brush at the beginning. This is also for when we will be changing colors (Optional)

Towel or cloth - This will be used to dry our paintbrush(es) after cleansing it in water

A Color Pallet - This is to mix colors (Optional)

Glitter!/ Ribbon!/Stickers! - Anything you want. You can even have a theme for your box!

Step 2: Step 1 : Painting Your DIY Gift Box

First where going to add some color to this brown cardboard by painting the outside. First you have to let your paintbrush soak for a moment then you lightly dry it with a towel or piece of cloth. Pick your choice of color paint -dip your paintbrush- then carefully move the paintbrush from one end of your box to the other without lifting it until you have reached the opposite side. (Do this, flipping the paint brush to get all the paint every time you repeat this step). Do this step until you have covered the box, don't worry if any writing or images in the box are still visible, were going to re-coat it until only the paint is visible.

Step 3: Step 2 : Colors! (optional)

Grab your color pallet. Now, if you want to have many colors without having to buy a bunch of expensive paint you can just get the primary colors, blue, red, and yellow. These three colors can be used to make many more! In my box in going to be using purple and green. Above is a color wheel to help you mix colors to your liking.

(Guide : look for the primary colors, any colors in-between are secondary colors, the second layer of colors are the Tertiary colors, a mix of the secondary colors.)

Step 4: Step 3 : Re-run

Now paint the opposite side of the box and the sides. Remember to re-coat it ones it's dry!

Step 5: Step 4 : Add Anything You Want!

This is the fun part. Customize the box to your liking or the liking of the person your gifting it to. This might be a real challenge for some. What's the person's favorite color? What is the occasion? What would make this box reflect the persons personality and preferences in the best way? I hope you had fun making this DIY and that the person your gifting it to will enjoy it almost as much as the actual gift. <3

(I will be posting a picture of the box once more to show the finished product.)