Introduction: DIY Wood Veneer Light

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I really love to work with wood but I don't have a workshop to make bigger woodworking projects yet :)

I saw a very good idea in a Youtube video with wood veneer so I bought some and started to figure out the project.

That was a little bit complicated to work with veneer for the first time but after some practice it's not to difficult.

Step 1: Watch the Video First

I truly suggest to watch the video it could help a lot so you can avoid some mistakes that I made!

Step 2: #1

I used 0,6 mm thin beech veneer.

First I measured out a 20cm (7 7/8in) long piece and I cut down with a utility knife.

This veneer is so thin so really easy to cut.

Step 3: #2

I cut the piece into 3 equal pieces each was nearly 45mm (1 49/64in)

I would like to use a 12mm (15/32in) rod so I have to cover this with the veneer.

The 45mm gives a hole circle and some additional mm to have space for gluing.

I tried several method to soften the wood:

  • keep for 60 minutes in boiling water
  • put in a container and fill it up with hot water and cover it for 60 minutes
  • just put into cold water for 5 minutes

We have to clear there is two way to bend this veneer parallel or perpendicularly to the woodgrain.

The perpendicular bend is stronger but harder to make.

I chose the parallel bend because I didn't really need strenght for the light. For the parallel bending is totally enough to just put it into cold water and almost immediately you can start working!

I hope I didn't leave anything out :)

Step 4: #3

I used a 12mm (15/32in) rod as I mentioned earlier. This rod is actually made for to cut it down to dowels.

But I think any kind of rods can be good for this project.

I laid down the soft wood to a flat surface and started to roll onto the rod. Try to make it as tight as you can to make every piece identical. Secure the wood with some masking tape.

I removed the rod and put the wood tube away to dry completly.

I made a many many many many of these...

Step 5: #4

To the upper part of the light I separated the making procedure to two sections.

For the first section I cut the bended and dried veneer to 35mm (1 3/8in) long pieces.

The best is for marking is something what is transparent like a plastic ruler to speed up the work.

One of the biggest advantages that the veneer can be cut with scissors. So I did that :)

I needed at least 49 pieces but I made some extras just in case.

Try to make one end as flat as you can that will be on the top of the lamp.

To make the small wood tubes I used the rod to rolled the veneer around it again and stick the ovehanging part with some CA glue/crazy glue. I secured the joint with some masking tape again...

Step 6: #5

After some minutes when I thought the glue is absolutely dried I put 7 pieces of the tubes next to a "stop block" with the flat side. If it's not flat enough put a sandpaper to flat surface and gently flat the tube. Be careful it's so vulnerable.

The tubes have to touch each other!

When all the 7 pieces done drop some glue between the tubes and do not touch them until it's completely dry.

I made 7 strips from the 49 pieces.

Step 7: #6

Yes another gluing step... but not the last one :)

When all the 7 strips finished let's stick them together to make a 7by7 square.

Nothing special just gluing and gently pushing.

Step 8: #7

So second section to the upper part is starts with the veneer again.

Let the bended veneer as long as it has been cut down. (20cm - 7 7/8in)

Use the rod again and roll the wood around then stick it with the same glue again. Make at least one end to flat as you can!!!

This part is tricky... I had a lot of practices but feasible :)

I made 32 long pieces. and some more... :))

Step 9: #8

Do the same with the long pieces!

Put them to the stop block with the flat side!

Touch each other!

Drop some glue between them!

Don not touch for some minutes!

I made two of a 9 pieces strip and two of a 7 pieces strip.

Step 10: #9

Let's put the upper parts together!

Drop some glue to the center 7 tubes on a 9 pieces strip then put the 7by7 square on it and let it dry.

After that attach the two 7 pieces strips to the sides and the other 9 pieces strip to the top.

Watch out to put the flat ends to the top!

Step 11: #10

I don't really like lacquer so I used wood protection oil for finish.

But you can use anything what you want!

Step 12: #11

For the base of the light I bought a black walnut board and cut it to 4 equal parts.

I made a cube ffrom them with regular wood glue and clamps.

Step 13: #12

I also used oil for finish. I love the grain of this wood!

Step 14: #13

I drilled a hole on the base for the cable and I connected it to a bulb holder.

I fixed everything with some hot glue and stick the holder to a thin plywood.

To get the base and the plywood together I used wood glue and some pressure :)

Step 15: #14

I got this Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED Night Light Bulb from 1byone click to this line if you are interested!

It's so cool and really fun to play with :)

Thanks guys to gave me this fantasic stuff I never used anything like this before and I loved it!

Step 16: The End

Uhhhhh that was a so so so long project... That caused me a lot of headache but totally worth for the result. I learned a lot and try to put this knowledge into my next projects. I completely fell in love with veneer so I hope you like this project because there will come some more!

Thanks for reading this instructable and I hope you like this light. Make your own this is a really cool gift idea! :)

See you next time!

Step 17: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support!

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