Introduction: DIY Guitar


Wood pieces (I found them at my dad's work)

Measuring Tape

Nail Gun ( your parents should help you with this)

Saw ( have your parents help you with this ) Nails

Fish Eyes


Hammer Measuring Tool

Fishing line

Step 1: Wood

What you will need for this step is four pieces of wood. You will have it how long you want your guitar to be. Two pieces will be the same length and the other two the same way.

Step 2: Nailing It!

This step can be dangerous if the tool is not used properly. You will be using a nail gun and or manually nailing it by yourselves. If you decide to do the nail gun have your parents help.

Step 3: Another Piece?!

What you will need is a longer piece of wood to be able to hold the guitar. You should also make it look like a guitar by cutting the edges. You also add lines to mark were your going to put you nails.

Step 4: Nailing It! Again?

What you will be doing is with the line marking is nail five nails. I choose five because that's how much notes I will be playing.

Step 5: Two Come Together

The pieces that you have made so far will be nailed together or maybe glued together, guess what your a step close to the finished.

Step 6: Putting All Together With a Few Add Ons

You will have another piece to add on to allow the vibration to be louder and clear.

Step 7: Make Your Mark

Since I am adding five notes I will add five lines where I will be placing the fisheye screws. If so you want more or less notes add less nails and screws.

Step 8: This Is What It Should Look Like

This is what it should look like you you had added the fisheye screws.


Well, as you can see that I had created another guitar but it didn't come out right.