Introduction: ?DIY HUGE CANDY Room Decor Tutorial-Easy and Affordable!

Hello there! Today I show you how to make some HUGE LOLLIPOPS and Dubble Bubble gum balls, using only dollar store supplies! It looks super cute and colorful, and it fun, easy and affordable! Have fun!MUSIC:The copyright free music in this video was found on FMT: Name: Cloud NineArtist: Marc From Paris(haha, I know I use it often, but I REALLY Love this song!!)Here are the materials you will need:-Styrofoam disc-Styrofoam medium-sized balls-Ping Pong balls-Wooden Sticks-Gesso Acrylic or Primer Paint (Or simply white acrylic paint)-Glue gun-Glaze (or Wood Varnish, or Mod Podge)-Mounting Tape-Printout for the swirls: paint-Paintbrushes-Needle tool and dotting tool (or a small paintbrush)-Xactoknife-Mini round cookie cutter (optional)-Vases!