Introduction: DIY Hairbows

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Thanks to YouTube star Bethany Mota, I have learned to master the simple hairbow. Now, you can make your own hairbows as well, just by following this instructable!

Step 1: Material List

What you will need to make your own hairbows are...

  • your choice of fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • assortment of hairclips

Step 2: Prep Your Fabric

First, you want to fold your fabric over and again to make a long thin rectangular shape. You don't want to fold it too thin or too thick, just stay in the middle of it. Now, cut out your fabric.

Step 3: Make the Bow Shape Part 1

Now, you're going to grab the fabric and fold it over into a smaller rectangle, then hot glue the edges together in place.

Step 4: Make Your Bow Shape Part 2

Once the glue is dry, pinch the middle to make your bow shape, and glue the creases down.

Step 5: Make the Middle

Now, you're going to go back to your fabric and cut off another piece, which you're going to use to wrap around the middle of your hairbow. Wrap it around the middle and glue it in place. You can also do this technique. You can cut off a leftover piece of fabric that you are using to make your bow, roll it up the long way, and cut off at least 1 inch. Then, use that to wrap around the middle and glue in place.

Step 6: Add a Clip

Finally, you're going to grab a hair clip and glue the bow to it.

Step 7: Wear Them in Style

Now, you're done and it's ready to put in your hair! You can use these hairbows as a compliment to any outfit or Halloween costume! Dressing up like a school nerd? Use a plaid printed fabric! Going all Raggedy Ann? Use red fabric to compliment your pigtails! Lots of colors and styles, so many options!

Here, I am wearing a hairbow with a cute holiday design on it to honor the holiday season. You can make as many hairbows as you like and use them as gifts. These are the perfect ideas for stocking stuffers!

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