DIY Halloween Blood Slime!~

Introduction: DIY Halloween Blood Slime!~

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Eyyyyyy! Happy Halloween everyone! Sorry It's been a REALLY busy time and I actually made an instructable

But the camera wasn't working so I used my phone and it wouldn't load my photos. XP

You ready for an awesome no glue halloween blood slime? Here it is! use it to decorate, or just for fun.

So I found this recipe on YouTube, so I decided to try it. the "Blood" slime is not my recipe, All credit goes to that channel

(Ps this is more of a decorating jelly jiggly slime, sorry I am awful at glue slimes and I never have glue to waste.)

Step 1: Getting Started, What You'll Need.

Okay so what you'll need is:

  • Irish Spring Body Wash
  • Hand Soap (I used Softsoap)
  • Coloring (To make it blood slime, or you can leave it green to be ooze or slime)
  • A container to make it in
  • A utensil to stir it (I used a stir straw) (Not pictured)
  • Glitter or whatever you please to decorate your slime
  • A Mat or Plate to put under your container (It can get messy)

Step 2: Making Your Slime

Okay, now that you have what you need, we can get started!

Start by putting your mat down* then add however much Irish Spring you want into your container, and then add about half that amount of soap. Now stir it around, try not to get too many air bubbles, just a few soft slow strokes to mix the soaps. By now you can feel it's already like slime, coagulation! If you can feel that you know it's time to ad your color and/or decorations to your slime and stir.

*(As you can see, my lovely ASL alphabet placemat)

Step 3: Aaaaaand, We Wait.

Yes yes I know what you're thinking, "Awwww, man! I gotta wait for this?" take heed! It's for only 15 minutes in the freezer!~ I am DEFINITELY not a patient person, and It was lovely timing, I had just enough time to clean up and put away what I'd used.

*Bossanova music playing in background*

Soo, How's that weather, huh?

Step 4: Playtime!~

Now your wait is over! now you have a fun jiggly slime, that when you poke it and let it sink in, It's sticky, but you hit it, it's jiggly and solid, Kinda like Ooblek slime, but jigglier. use it to decorate or just have some fun! It will stain your hands red,so you should wear gloves. now you can add saline (Just a little!)

or whatever you want!

Step 5: BONUS!~ My Recipe for No Glue Butter Slime! *Must Try*

Okay, You HAVE to try this! this feeling and texture is lovely! it's a no glue butter slime of my own making! IDK maybe this has been done before but you must must must try this. I like to call it "Satin Slime"

Because it's so soft.

Step 6: What You'll Need

This is fairly easy, made with household items.

you'll need

  • Cornstarch
  • Hair Gel
  • A tiny bit (About a few drops) of handsoap or dishsoap (I used method dishsoap)
  • A little little touch of water
  • Container
  • Utensil
  • Coloring of your choice (food color, gel color, etc.)
  • Gloves

it gets a little messy so might want that mat again

Step 7: Making It

Add some hair gel to your bowl (This will be about how much you'll end up with)

Add (Only a few teaspoons at a time) your cornstarch on top.

Mix until clumps form, and use one hand* to try and break them up to form a dough.

once that is done it should be a little bit dry and crumbly, here's where your soap comes in! add a drop (A little drop!) at a time until it is soft, but not sticky. (you could use water if you want)

Mix until a soft powdery dough forms.


If you want you can add some color, now put on your gloves (I don't mind getting dirty, but with this it's a little hard to mix in and color would get everywhere) and put however much you want, you get the drill.

*I find it easier to only mess up one hand at a time, Especially because this is a Very messy process.

Step 8: All Done!~

Yay! now you have an awesome halloween blood slime, and a powdery soft butter slime.

I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable, and sorry it's so late!

Happy Halloween, And Happy making!


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