Introduction: DIY Dreamcatcher

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Hey guys! It's been an eternity since I've made something! ( A busy eternity...)

I've been itching to put this up for ages, and I just now got it done!

I hope you all enjoy! this is a wonderful craft to do with kids!

P.S I've got a whole fall collection building up, Stay tuned! ;)

Step 1: What You'll Need

This is a pretty easy thing to do, and so much fun!

Here's what you'll need!

  • Paper Plate (Preferably the ridged kind)
  • Paints of your choice
  • Yarn or String
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • X-acto and Rotary Mat (ONLY if you have very thin paper plates! I did not.)
  • Hole punch
  • Decorative Feathers
  • Washi tape (To act as masking tape, so solid colors work best)
  • Items to decorate with! Foam stickers, sequins, glitter glue ect.

Some items are not in the pictures.

Step 2: Getting Started

So first we'll be cutting out the paper plate, but there is a technique!

Before you start cutting into the paper plate starting from the outer edge, STOP!

  1. Always start from the inside!
  2. NEVER start from the outside

First we'll draw a circle in the middle of the plate, and the carefully poke a hole through it with your scissors.

Try and cut along the circular indent in the plate, if you don't have one, You could make a shape or something cool!

Step 3: From This, to This, to This, to This.

Now that we have a start in the paper plate, We can start cutting around the circle.

As you can see, my cutting was very bad, but after 20 endless minutes, and a Youtube break, I finally had it!

TIP: if your cuts on the edge are not as smooth as you might want, you can take a Q-tip dipped in water and gently wet around the edge. smooth with your fingers (This also helps when you have a rough edge you'd like to cut, it makes the paper much more flexible.)

Sorry if the words are choppy, Instructables was being a stinkin' frustration.

Step 4: Get Creative!

So I wanted a cool art deco design on mine, but this is up to you! Make it how you like it.

I started by using my Washi tape and taped off where I wanted it, I got a plate of my colors, and painted!

I added some sparkle :)

Step 5: Lacing

Tape removed! (Just a little smudge, let the paint dry before removing)

Punch as many holes as you'd like! I

punched quite a few! Start with a knot at the bottom of your plate, tape down the knot. proceed to lace randomly! (I think it looks nice that way)

after lacing those holes, at the very bottom of your plate, punch 3 holes for the feather strings,

Make them the length of your choice, then tie on the feathers.


Glitter, sequins, and glitter glue. the worlds most diabolical craft supplies...

Which means, we need to use them!

I only used glitter in step 4, but you can decorate to your imagination's liking.

Step 7: All Done!

Let it all dry and hang where you want!

Please add a photo if you made it and tell me what you think!

If you hadn't seen it before, I am making a fall collection! stay tuned for it! I will start posting fall instructables on august 30th! Comment me and check out my other stuff!