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Even though Halloween is considered to be a festival of Evil, most of the population love to celebrate that in different different ways . It is celebrated when ghosts and spirits are believed to be abroad.

Where there are a many different crafts to make the Halloween more joyful, my Paper cups will make it wonderful.

Here is an simple tutorial for you to make Halloween Paper cups in an interesting way.

Well here we go....

Step 1: Materials Needed

Simple materials needed are:

  1. Paper Cups
  2. Serial Lights
  3. Black Marker
  4. A Big needle

Step 2: Sketch the Paper Cups

Take a black sketch pen or a black marker.

Hold the paper cup carefully in your hands and draw three elliptical orbits as shown in the figure.

For the elliptical orbit in the down make a grove like structure so that it can look like mouth.

Noe draw two arcs in the orbits that are on the top.

Now full the respective areas with black marker as shown in the images.

Make as many faces as you want following the above procedure and using your creativity.

Step 3: Fix the Lights

Now that you are done with the paper cup faces you need to stick them to the serial lights.

Place the paper cup you need to make hole for on the ground.

Holding the paper cup properly make a hole on the back of the paper cup.

Insert any LED lights of the serial lights into this hole.

Take the other paper cups and follow the same, also insert these LED's into the paper cups.

Step 4: Plug and Halloween

Decorate your living room or bed room with this paper cups connected serial lights.

Plug in the on/off switch and turn on the power supply.

You can see nice glowing paper cups with cool faces of ghosts over them.

You can even draw a Christmas tree on the paper cups and use it as a Christmas decor or any other paintings to make it look more alive and use as a Home Decoration.

Thank you:)

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