DIY Halloween Skull Men

Introduction: DIY Halloween Skull Men

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With Halloween on its way, I wanted to make some new decorations for our home. The Halloween skulls I ordered from China were a lot smaller for the project I had in mind, so I changed my mind. Instead of wasting the skulls I came up with the idea to make these little skull men. Which I thought turned out very cute.

Step 1: Paint Your Glasses

To make the bodies of these cute little fella's I used shot glasses which were painted using black gesso. The heads were glue into place using a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Make the Hat

To make the hats I used state of the art equipment to make my circles for the base of the hats. Next, cut them out. Using an empty toilet roll, cut the hat to the size that you want. Place the toilet roll in the centre of the circle and trace around with a pencil. Next, using a craft knife cut out the centre circle for the top of the hat. Tape the top and the rim to the roll from the inside. You can secure the top with some hot glue for extra measure. Bend the sides of the rim around a pencil to get some shape in the hat. Then paint the hat black.

Step 3: Decorate the Hats

Add some decoration to your hat. I printed a Ace playing card and glued some charms to the hat, and a couple got feathers.

Step 4: Decorate the Bodies

To decorate the "bodies" I used self-adhesive rhinestones as buttons and gave each little fella a scarf from offcuts of fabric.

Step 5: Make Some Eyes

To make the skulls less creepy I made some of them eyes. I did not have enough beads for them all, so one got none. I used beads from a broken necklace which were painted white. Then I used a sharpie to add some red veins.

Step 6: Rub With Bronze Wax Paste

Because this little guy got no eyes, he got some pockets on his outfit made from cardboard. To highlight the boring black paint I used bronze wax paste which was rubbed over the surface using my finger.

Step 7: More Cool Halloween Projects

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