Introduction: DIY Halloween Candy-corn Dispencer

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This is a DIY on how to make a cheap and easy candy corn dispenser but i wont be using candy corn because i live in Australia and theirs no candy corn where i live so i'm going to be using tiny Easter eggs for this dispenser.

Step 1: Equipment!

You will need:

A old disk not in use.

A slow strong motor (mine is a 12v motor)

A piece of paper.

Glue gun.

Duct tape.

Sticky tape or scotch tape.

Scissors or a craft knife.

pliers (not needed)

And a small container.

Step 2: Disc!!

  • To separate your disk into two parts you will need to use some scissors or pliers to cut a small cut into your disk and then you can easily separate it into two pieces with your finger nails. Once done you can throw away the other part of the disk with the writing on and make sure to keep the see through one. note:You don't need to do this step, it just makes it easier to cut the disk to the shape you want it to be and will decrease the chance of cracking and splitting by accident.Now cut the disk like the last photo above so that there is a rectangular shaped cut in your disk.

Step 3: Attaching the Motor

Get a motor that runs slowly and is strong enough to hold the weight of the candy that your going to be using and attach two wires to the terminals of the motor. Now what your going to wanna do is attach the motor to the middle of your disk somehow.I suggest using some kind of washer, bottle-cap or even just a piece of card board to attach your motor too and then attach the card board to your disk. I did it with hot glue because i already had a bunch of hot glue on the motor axle anyway from a different project and used it to attach to the middle of the disk. Once you have the disk attached to your motor test it out and see if it runs smoothly.

Step 4: Connecting and Cutting!

Attach your motor to a container with duct tape and then cut a hole in the bottom of the container with a craft knife so it is lined up with the rectangular cut hole in the disk.You could just fill up your container with candy but mine kept getting stuck and when i got smaller candy it all just fell out at once leaving no more candy for anyone else.So to fix that i used Easter eggs because i don't have candy corn where i live and i wrapped up a piece of paper into a tube around a Easter egg and then taped the paper down.I hot glued the paper roll onto the plastic container directly over the hole in the container but being careful not to hot glue it onto the disk.

Step 5: Done!!!!

Fill up the paper roll with Easter eggs or in your case, candy-corn, Attach a battery or if you want to you can attach a switch so you can control when it turns on or off. If the candy keeps getting stuck you can use plastic projection sheets instead of paper as a roll.

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