Introduction: DIY Handy Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Hi all,

This instructable show how to make your own hot wire foam cutter at home.

Step 1: Required Materials

You need following materials.

1. 10x10mm wooden reaper

2. 6mm plywood piece

3. 1/4 inch self tapping screw

4. Philips head screw

5. 3.5mm male gold connector

6. 1.5sqmm wire

7. 32 Gauge nichrome wire

Step 2: Cutting the Required Parts.

Cut the 10x10mm wood reaper upto 35cm and 6mm plywood as shown in the picture.

Step 3:

Now assembly the frame.

1. Temporarily fix the wood reaper with plywood using CA glue.

2. Check for alignment. If its okay, drill the holes on each side and fix self tapping screw.

3. Drill hole in the bottom of frame for fixing Philips head screw.

Step 4: Fixing Wire

1. Solder the 3.5mm male gold connector to 1.5sqmm wire.

2. Solder the other end of wire to Philips head screw.

3. Fix the wire along the frame with CA glue.

4. Finally apply 5min cure epoxy to 3.5mm gold connector for fixture.

Step 5: Final Step

After completing wiring,

1. Tie the 32 gauge nichrome wire on two Philips head screw.

2. Power it with 5V 2A power supply and enjoy seamless cutting of foam boards!