Introduction: DIY Heart Shaped Earrings

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Hello everybody, we like to work with materials that are normally thrown away after usage. We mostly use coffee pods. In this Instructable we would like to explain how you can make these heart shaped earrings with only a few materials. We hope you like our Instructable.

Materials needed to make the earrings:
Nespresso coffee pods (Decaffeinato intenso), silver colored earring hooks, 2 big crimp beads, paper crimper, 10 by 1 LEGO piece, scissors and jewelers tools.

Step 1: Watch Our Tutorial

To make sure you do not miss anything, check out this tutorial.

Step 2: Prepare Your Coffee Pod

Cut the top and the bottom off of your coffee pod. The middle part needs to be flattened entirely with a pencil.

Step 3: Fold the Piece

The flattened piece needs to be folded around a LEGO piece. Cut off the sides so that your border is straight. Than fold over the sides. Make sure the ends are straight as well.

Step 4: Crimp Your Coffee Pod

Move your folded coffee pod through a paper crimper so you get the nice zigzag effect.

Step 5: Finish Until You Have Your Heart Shaped Earrings

Attach both ends with a large crimp bead. Fold until you have a heart shape. Pierce the top on one side and add a jump ring. Than add your earring hook. Repeat everything once more and your earrings are done. We hope you like the Instructable.

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