Introduction: DIY Herb Garden

Each year we have a herb garden for our summer cooking and it is just about the most usefully wonderful thing we have ever done! Last year however we had it on our back steps and all the mangy cats that we have running around (we don’t know why they stick around, it must have something to do with the fact that we feed them. Ugh…) kept knocking them off the steps and breaking them. So this year something different was in order. Here’s a quick and easy (If you can run a driver) tutorial on our free standing herb garden.

Step 1: Attach Your Two Screens Together

Start with two salvaged screens that are the same size. Use a driver and screws to put two hinges in the top of the screens, attaching them together.

Step 2: Attach the Supporting Boards

When you decide where you want the shelf to sit, open the screens to the width you want them to be and cut two brace pieces to the right length and screw them in on either side.

Step 3: Screw Your Shelf Together

Once that is done measure across the front and sides of the screen to see how long your shelf boards are going to need to be. I had to cut two boards that were four feet long and two boards that were one and a half feet long. Then screw them together with something sturdy as shown. We used plywood.

Step 4: Use Wire to Hang Pots on the Screen

Then use sturdy wire to hang your pots. Bend the wire into the shape of the pots and then thread it through the screen and twist the two ends together in the back to secure the to the screen.

Step 5: Fill in With Potted Herbs and Flowers

Then set whatever other sized pots you have on the shelf! Now all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful fresh herb garden all summer long!

You can see more pictures of the finished garden here!