Introduction: DIY Hexagon Gift Box

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Hey! Welcome to another tutorial from Paper Chaser TO. Today we're going to be making a Hexagon Gift and Favour Box. It's an adorable and unique craft, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:

Ready to get started? Great!

Step 2: The Folds

Once you've printed out the templates, you should have two identical pieces of paper.

Grab once of the two pieces of paper and start folding it along the vertical lines.

Once you've finished folding it along the vertical lines, flip it over, and start folding it along the diagonal lines.

Finally, we'll fold the glue tabs, and you should end up with something like this. Repeat this for the second piece.

Step 3: Putting It Together

When you've folded both templates, grab your glue, and start applying the glue to the side tabs of both pieces.

There is both a front and back side these pieces, so make sure you are pasting the two back sides together.

We are creating a big loop that will be fitting around the hexagon. Be sure to let the glue dry before moving onto the next step. When it's dry, give the vertical lines a quick fold to verify that the crest is there.

Step 4: Adding the Dinosaurs *OPTIONAL*

The next step is to glue on the decorative mats. I'll be using dinosaur paper and starting with the large triangle pieces first. Glue it on the back and place it onto the piece from before.

The half triangles you see are very important. These will reinforce the whole that the ribbon will be going through later on in this tutorial. Apply the glue and place it onto the template as well. Make sure the holes are aligned!

Remember that these dinosaur paper are optional and you can keep it as a solid colour or use anything you want instead.

When you're done, flip it over, and start doing the same thing on the other side.

Step 5: Adding the Base

Once both sides have dried, it's time to glue the side pieces. Apply glue to all the side pieces on the inside of the hexagon.

When you're done using the glue, fold all the side pieces inwards before flipping it over.

Now flip the hexagon over and grab the pieces that will go on the bottom. Press down on the seams on the inside of the box while pinching the corners from the outside.

Let it dry and then flip it over. Now we'll be gluing on the reinforcement piece at the bottom. Line up the hexagonal corners to corners and press down on it. Flip it back over again and applying the pushing on the inside and pinching on the outside technique to it again.

Step 6: The Final Touch

Grab some ribbon and use it to measure around the box. You'll want to leave about 6 inches on both ends and cut it with your scissors. Be sure to snip the ribbon in a diagonal at both ends. Measure out another matching ribbon with the same technique.

Now with you lighter, you'll want to burn the ends of your ribbon lightly. We do this because it's we don't want our ribbons to fray when we start looping it through the holes.

You can start looping the ribbon through at any hole you want. Be sure to pinch while you're looping it through. You'll want to stop when you make it back to the first hole. Check on your ribbon occasionally to make sure it's not too twisted.

Once you've done it to the end, pull the ribbon until the box is closed. We'll be tying a bow here to help us string the second ribbon. When stringing the second ribbon, be sure to start on the opposite side of the first hole you started on.

After you've strung the second ribbon through, tie a knot at the end of it. Go back to the first ribbon and undo the bow tie. Now tie a knot at the end of this one as well.

Now use your fingers to open the hexagon box slowly. You'll notice that the ribbon has actually secured the box! When you want to close the box, pull on both ribbons, and you can end it off with a bow again.

Congratulations on making your first Hexagon Box!