Introduction: DIY Highly Adaptable Belt Grinder

About: Student Industrial Design Engineering at University of Twente

This instructable is ment for people with experience in engineering.

We used the following machines to make our belt grinder:
Welding machine
Laser cutter (wooden wheel and pulley)
Milling machine
Belt saw
Angle grinder

It is also possible to build the belt grinder using less machinery, but then you have to buy some extra parts.

Step 1: List of Materials

Here's a list of the materials you need to build the belt grinder:

Tube profile 50x4mm:
60mm X2

Tube profile 40x4mm:
354mm X2
250mm X2
120mm X2
800mm X4

Tube profile 30x4mm:
220mm X2 (depends on the used engine)
400mm X2

Tube profile 20x2mm:

Square bar 10mm:
478mm X2
358mm X2

Steel sheet 10mm:
420x300 mm (in our case 2X 420x150mm)
Diameter 75mm X2

Steel sheet 8mm:

Steel sheet 4mm:

Nylon bar diameter 60mm:
55mm X2

Plywood 8mm:
Diameter 300mm X7
Diameter 170mm X8

Steel axle 25x490mm
Steel axle 20x50mm
Steel tube diameter 30 x22x2.5mm
Bearing 25mm X2
Bearing 8mm X4
Bar hexagon 36x950mm
Bar hexagon 17x180mm
Eyenut m6
Knob screw m8x60mm
Knob screw m10x30mm
Knob screw m10x85mm
Threaded rod m10x220mm
Threaded rod m8x50mm
Threaded rod m8x100mm
V belt 1025mm (exterior)
Heavy spring
L-profile 30x1470x3mm

Step 2: Building the Basic Frame

A: 30x400mm
B: 25mm
C: 40x250mm
D: 10x420x300mm (in our case 2X 420x150mm)
E: 40x354mm (mesured from far-side to far-side)
F: 40x60mm
G: 30x220mm

The parst G E and F are helt together with the threaded rod m10x220

Part A is welded to part C by drilling 2 holes in the side of part C

Step 3: Building the Adjustable Wheel

A: 60x55mm
B: m10x30mm
C: 20x380mm
D: 50x180mm
E: 170x20x4mm
F: 50x145x8mm
G: m8x60mm
H: 60x25x8mm
I: 50x20mm
J: m8x50mm
K: m6

You need to weld a m10 bolt to part D to connect part I/F to it.

Step 4: Assembling the Wooden Pulley and the Wooden Wheel

A: 36x950mm
B: Diameter 75x10mm
C: Diameter 30 x22x2.5mm

Using loctite make sure part C does not put pressure on the bearing.

Step 5: Building the Support Plate

A: 155x150x4mm
B: 30x40mm
C: m10x85mm
D: 30x600mm

Step 6: Building the Extra Wheel

A: Diameter 60x55mm
B: 17x180mm
C: 30x800mm

The nylon wheel is assembled in the same way as the wheel in step 3.

Step 7: Building the Part That Adjust the Extra Parts

A: 40x120mm
B: 50x60mm

You need to make this part twice.

Step 8: Building the Slider Profile

A: 40x1000mm

To fully clamp part A to the 30mm profile you need to make a slot in both sides of part A.

It is also possible to mount part A to the 30mm profile the same way as step 7.

Step 9: Building the Stand

A: 30x1470x3mm
B: 40x800mm
C: 10x478mm
D: 10x358mm

Step 10: SolidWorks Drawings

Download the .zip below for the SolidWorks drawings of the belt grinder.

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