Introduction: DIY Hogwarts Castle

Where did I get inspiration?

I inspired by the lego Hogwarts castle(video) and I felt the lego only can make the artwork once and every artwork would be the same color. So I decided to find other materials so people can custom their artworks themselves and everyone can enjoy it for free. Then I just found my Yu-Gi-Oh cards(Yu-Gi-Oh is just animation like pokemon). The cards are thin but strong and I decided to use those cards. If you use the cards, it has an advantage that you can enjoy more challenges than lego and you can custom your work whatever you want.


Any cards(I used Yugioh Korean cards but you can use any cards), tape, hot glue, toothpick

Step 1: Build the Main Tower

1, connect two cards 3 sets

2, roll each set and fix it with the tape

3, stick three pieces together

Step 2: Build the Building in Front of the Main Tower

1, use 4 cards to make a 9.5 x 15 cm size cards (2 sets so a total of 8 cards)

2, use two cards to make a 9.5 x 6 cm size card (2sets so a total of 4 cards)

3, then stick 9.5cm side of 2 with 9.5 sides of 1 to make a box shape

Step 3: Finish the Building From Step 2

1, cut the piece of card like the picture on the right side then attach that piece in front of the box shape that we made in the previous step

2, make a small short building and attach the right side

3, build a short fence by using cards and toothpicks in front of that box shape. 4, cover the building by roof

Step 4: Build Small House and Short Tower Side of the Main Building

1, build a small house and roof by using one whole card as one side of the house.

2, then make a short tower-like what we did in the second step of the previous side

3, put the lantern looks like a miniature of a short tower right top side of that tower.

Step 5: Build Dormitory Opposite Side of Main Tower -1

1, maks another box shape with the roof like the picture by using two cars for each side

2, make a roof by attach each card to the middle of the side and fold them in one point

3, cut a card by triangle shape and attach to the middle

Step 6: Build Dormitory Opposite Side of Main Tower -2

1, build the front towers(2sets)

How to make the front tower

1-1, connect two cards and roll it

1-2, put another card around the top of 1-1

1-3, make a roof

1-4, put them together

Step 7: Build Dormitory Opposite Side of Main Tower -3

1, make another type of tower (thinner and higher then front towers 2 sets)

2, connect all parts by using hot glue

3, create the entrance and put 2 toothpicks on each side of the entrance

Step 8: Last Step

1, connect all the main tower and building by using hot glue like a picture

2, decorate with your style

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