Introduction: DIY Holiday Wreath

The holidays are right around the corner and making sure your home or classroom is decorated for the occasion is a must. In this instructable you will learn how to create a DIY holiday wreath that can be used to hang on the wall or on a door. It also can make for a great gift for family or friends! All you need to do is gather the materials/tools needed and then follow the instructions below and you will be able to create the wreath pictured. The materials we used were from Hobby Lobby but feel free to go to any crafting store in your area!


2 sprigs of plastic juniper greenery

1 medium sized metal wreath ring

12 inches of grapevine wire

1 roll of plain burlap ribbon

2 rolls of patterned burlap ribbon

2 rolls of red burlap ribbon

***If you want your wreath to look identical to the one pictured you will need all of these materials but feel free to be creative and use these as a guide. You could always try different color combinations of ribbon or other types of fake flowers, greenery, etc. Keep in mind this wreath could be tailored for any season.



Wire cutter

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Fold Ribbon

For the first step you will need to set out the patterned burlap ribbon and the metal wreath ring. Take the patterned burlap ribbon and fold it in half, long edge to long edge. Folding the ribbon helps make it easier to insert it into the ring and to help it stay in place.

Step 2: Make Loops

Take the folded ribbon and fold it again in half. This will create a flattened loop that you will insert into the inner layer of the ring. Make sure to hold it in place with your thumb and pointer finger so it doesn’t slip out.

Step 3: Continue Loops

Continue making loops and inserting them into the inner ring. There will be about 4 to 5 loops per section that are sticking out 2 inches above the metal ring and 1 inch below. Once all the sections of the inner most ring are filled, you can use a scissor to cut off the excess ribbon. Be careful to not cut it too short where it could potentially slip out.

Step 4: Repeat

Take out the red burlap ribbon and repeat steps 1-3, but in the middle layer of the metal ring. After you finish completing the red burlap take out the plain burlap ribbon and repeat steps 1-3 again, but with the outer most layer of the metal ring.

Step 5: "Fluff"

Once all three layers have been completed you will "fluff" each section out. In order to do this, you will slightly pullon the loops to make them not as tight. Make sure you don’t pull too hard when fluffing otherwise your loop will come out of the section of wire. If you do happen to pull too hard on a loop and it does come out just tuck it back into place carefully. Fluffing is important, so you can make the wreath bigger and give it more dimension.

Step 6: Create a Bow

Take the left-over red burlap ribbon out and tie a bow on the bottom part of the wreath. This may take a few tries to get just the right bow you like. Sometimes fluffing the sides of the bow will help give it a fuller look. Once you have the perfect bow you will cut the excess ribbon off with the scissors.

If you have never tied a bow with ribbon before and are having difficulties we found a YouTube video that might help. In this video the woman is tying the bow around a potted plant so you can ignore that part but the actual tying and fluffing of the bow is explained how we tied ours. Video Example of How to Tie a Bow

Step 7: Add Greenery

For this step you will need to take out your plastic juniper greenery. Cut off strands with the wire cutter. You will then tuck those strands into both sides of the ribbon and secure it by placing hot glue on the parts where the greenery and the ribbon meet. Adding hot glue is important to ensure the greenery will stay in place.

Step 8: Making a Hook

If you are planning to hang your wreath on a door or on the wall you will need to make a hook. To do this you will need to cut 12 inches of your grapevine wire with the wire cutter. At the top of the wreath you will tuck one end under the wire of the wreath. Then loop it and tie a knot with the grapevine wire. You will then take the other end and tie another knot creating a hook for you to hang the wreath.

Step 9: The Finished Product!

Now that you have finished all of the steps above all that's left to do is hang it up!