Introduction: DIY Hologram Pyramid

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Learn how to make this super simple hologram pyramid! If you do not believe it.. Well, then just try it your self and get just as amazed as I where! :) The only thing you will need is a phone to show the hologram videos.

And one of my favourites is the Star Wars video where you can see a famous sequence of princess Leia Organa... Here is the hologram video for you upcoming project regarding this video:

You will need:

Step 1: Watch This Video! :)

This is a video I made for this project!
Please take a look, it does mean a lot to me! :)

Most of the video shows result pictures!

Step 2: Mark and Cut

Print the template or simply draw it on a piece of paper. Then place your plastic on top and transfer the template to the material. Carefully cut the plastic into identical pieces.

Step 3: Tape It

Tape all sides together and create a pyramid. By using transparent tape you will not get disturbed while watching the "hologram pyramid"- videos!

Make sure that the short end (the section I point on) is taped so all edges is aliened. This will be the side that stand on the mobile.

Step 4: Please Suport My Work! :)

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Step 5: Result Pictures!

To watch your new piece of mobile equipment simply search for "hologram pyramid video" on YouTube and centre the pyramid on the marked area. Play the video in full-screen and watch from one of the sides (not above...). If you still do not believe this (as I did not do in the beginning), try it out and get amazed!

Great fun for both adults and kids! :)

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Take care and happy crafting! :)

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