Introduction: DIY Homemade Stickers

This is an easy craft for all ages.


The supplies that you will need is wax paper, markers, colored pencils, or crayons (which ever one you prefer) clear tape, and white paper.

Step 1: Draw and Color Your Picture

The first step in this project is to draw and color your picture. For this project, I am going to draw my picture but you could print out a picture or you could write out your favorite quote.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Picture.

The next thing you need to do is cut your pictures in whatever shape you want to.

Step 3: Get a Sheet of Wax Paper.

For this project, you will need a sheet of wax paper big enough to hold all of your pictures.

Step 4: Put Tape on Your Wax Paper.

Next you will put your tape on the wax paper sticky side down. This will be the back of your sticker.

Step 5: Lay Your Pictures on the Tape.

Now you are going to lay your pictures on the tape that you just put onto your wax paper.

Step 6: Add a Layer of Tape on Top of Your Pictures.

Add another layer of tape on the top of your pictures. I have found out that it is easier to not do one big strip of tape but to make smaller pieces of tape to help eliminate bubbles and wrinkles in the tape.

Step 7: Do a Rough Cut of the Stickers.

Cut between each sticker so that you can work with each sticker individually.;

Step 8: Cut Them to Final Shape.

Now, you can cut your stickers to the final shape. You need to leave a little edge of tape around the side because that is what holds your sticker together.

Step 9: Take the Wax Paper Off of the Back.

To use your stickers you need to take the wax paper off of the back. You will need something thin to get in between the wax paper and tape. Make sure that you don't separate the two pieces of tape.

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