Introduction: DIY | How to Make Component Storage Box From Pizza Box

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In this instructables i will show you how to make a component storage box out of a Pizza Box.

Please watch the video on how to make a storage box out of pizza boxes or continue reading for the step by step process

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Step 1: Things Required

All the materials used in this project is easily available.

1. 8 Regular size Pizza Box

2. Scale, Pencil

3. Glue

4. Scissor

5. Packing Tape

6. Spray Paint

Step 2: Cutting & Joining - Top & Bottom Layer

1st Image : Cut all the 8 pizza box into half

2nd Image : then cut the half into a proper dimension to make 16 sheets. my dimension was length=20 cm and width = 14 cm

3rd Image : now glue 4 sheet into making 1 sheet. this is for the bottom layer. And also join 2 sheets into making one which will be used for the top layer.

4th & 5th Image : shows the joining and their thickness

The reason for adding multiple layers is to make the box strong

Step 3: Cutting & Joining - Longer Side Walls

Now cut 8 sheets into half to make 16 half sheets. In which 8 sheets will be used for longer walls and other 8 sheets will be used for shorter walls, as shown in the image 1

then measure 6 cm and remove the extra part as shown in the image 2

Now glue 4 piece together to make 1 piece. You need to make 2 piece for the longer side walls

Step 4: Cutting & Joining - Shorter Side Walls

Now with remaining 8 half sheets, measure 14 cm and remove the excess and join 4 sheets together to make one sheet. You need two such sheets

Step 5: Side Joining

1st & 2nd Image : Now join all the side walls with glue

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Image : Just by joining side walls to the bottom will not give the strength. So let some small piece of the cardboard sheets and join them to the sides to make it strong. You can get an clear idea of this in the image 4, 6 & 7

Step 6: Compartments

Cut few piece and join them together to make the compartments as shown in the image 2 and also pack the edges with packing tape to give extra strength.

I have made six compartments which suits my requirements. You can make compartments according to your requirements. But i strongly recommend not to make more then six compartments, as it will reduce the space of the compartments. Adding the compartments will also give the extra support and strength to the box.

Step 7: Top Layer

Now take the two sheets which was joined earlier and cut few pieces of cardboard sheets.

Now join the smaller pieces into making one thick piece as shown in the image 2. and also cover the edges which can be seen in the image 3

Now glue this to the top layer sheet.

Step 8: Painting & Measurments

Now Spray paint the box. Painting the box will give it extra protection from the moisture and other external factors


Outer Bottom & Top Dimension : Length=20 cm & Width=15 cm

Lid dimension - Length=18 cm & Width=14 cm

Outer Height - 6 cm

Inner Height - 4.5 cm

Thickness - 0.6 cm


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