Introduction: DIY Ice Cream Costume

This is an easy DIY ice cream costume perfect for Halloween, sorority big/little reveals, ect.


- Plain white T-shirt

- Colorful markers (at least 4 different colors)

- Spiral notebook or cardboard

- Brown construction paper

- Dark colored marker (brown, black, purple, etc.)

- Loofah

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun (extra glue sticks in case needed)


Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather your materials and plug in your hot glue gun to preheat it.

Step 2: Place Spiral

Place your spiral in between the sides of the t-shirt to stop the marker from bleeding through to the back of the shirt.

Step 3: Draw Lines on T-shirt

Start drawing lines, alternating colors, to create the sprinkles and move the spiral under the t-shirt as you reach different sections. Continue until the front of the t-shirt is covered.

*It helps to make straighter lines if you stretch the shirt with one hand while you draw with the other hand

Step 4: Draw Lines on Paper

Draw criss-crossing diagonal lines with a black or brown marker on the sheet of brown construction paper to create a grid/waffle pattern for the cone hat.

*Optional: Use spiral as a straight edge to create straighter lines

Step 5: Roll Paper

Roll the piece of paper into a cone shape.

Step 6: Glue Cone

Glue together the edges of the cone where the paper overlaps with the hot glue gun to hold the cone shape together.

*Keep in mind that this is a hat so make sure the size will fit on your head well before you glue

Step 7: Cut Excess

Cut off the excess uneven paper with scissors.

Step 8: Cut Loofah String

Cut the inside string (not the loop used to hang it) that holds together the loofah to unravel it.

Step 9: Glue to Cone

Find the end of the loofah mesh and glue it to the bottom back area of the cone. Continue wrapping the loofah mesh around the bottom of the cone, gluing as you go.

*Be VERY careful not to burn your fingers on this step because the glue will seep through the mesh (you can use gloves or another material to create a barrier between your skin and the glue if needed)

Step 10: Finish Cone

When you reach the back again, cut the mesh and glue the remaining part to the cone.

*You will not use all of the loofah material for one cone