Introduction: DIY Indoors Greenhouse Under 5$

I wanted a greenhouse inside my apartment but since I don't have much space I needed to find a way to have it without loosing whatever the place it was going to be on. Also, I wanted it as cheap as possible.

I looked at my table and thought "If I could make it higher I could still use it as a table and have plants under it".

So I decided to look for more ikea tables so I could use their legs to make my table higher.

It's all a matter of reutilizing old stuff to make new stuff.

Step 1: Materials


  • Ikea tables (free) - I got mine for free. If you don't have some, ask your friends and neighbors if they are throwing out one. Otherwise check on second hand websites. They are normally sold quite cheap.
  • Space blankets (0,70$) - I just use one and it's big enough. Measure the size of the greenhouse and see how many you need.
  • Light bulb (4$) - You need a light for your plantsSomething with glue properties - either tape, glue, etc.

Optional: Aluminium foil. - I use it to make a movable door so I can check on the plants and also as a light reflector.

Step 2: Build It!

Basically just attach one ikea table's legs into another. They have screws already so you just need to screw them in. If you can't find these tables, you can improvise. Get creative :) Evaluate the affordances of the objects around you and what it's easy & cheap for you to get.

After you've done this, position the light in the middle of the table top below. This is so that the light is centered and this way the plants will receive light evenly.

Lastly, you just need to wrap the space blanket around it. You can use hot glue or just duct tape. Whatever you have handy.

Optionally, you can add a light reflector. I made this one with a piece of card box and aluminium foil.

Step 3: Enjoy!

You can personalize yours. I have a small "door" made out of aluminium foil so that I can check on the plants without needing to remove the space blanket.

Depending on the table you have you can make one with a different shape. This one is a square. You can try a rectangular one. This would be larger and you could have more plants in. Then, you could optimize the space.

Get creative and enjoy! :)

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