Introduction: DIY Infinity Ring - Simple!

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You only need a little bit of wire, a round nose pliers and wire-cutting tool to make this cute infinity ring! It is simple to create and looks great! You can also modify this to make an infinity bracelet - which I would have done if I had a silver chain to do so!

  • Wire (I believe what I used was 20 gauge)
  • Round Nose Pliers (the one I have is a 3-in one tool)
  • Wire Cutters
  • You'll also need something like a marker or highlighter - something round to wrap the wire around to form the shape
So, take out your pliers and grab a hold of the end of the wire and turn inward to form a loop. After doing that, remove the pliers and place it back on the wire to form another loop (please see images for a greater understanding). Bend and flatten as needed, as you go along. Try to get the two loops to look symmetrical. Then, cut off the end of the wire. Push in, bend and flatten anything sticking out - with the pliers.

Next, to form the ring - you'll need to cut another piece of wire - a few inches long to be safe. Then use a highlighter or marker (something comparable to the width of your finger) and wrap the wire around it to form a ring-like shape. Don't go all the way around - leave an opening at the top.

Take the infinity pendant you made and take the piece of wire and thread the wire through the right loop - and use your pliers to carefully bend it over and under - to form a closed loop. Next, try the ring on - to see how big or small you need it to be. You can now snip off the end excess wire - if it is too long. But, be sure to leave enough wire to bend over to form a final closed loop.

To do the final closed loop for your ring, it's a good idea to put the whole thing back onto the marker or highlighter -so you have it keeps its round structure as you create your final closed loop.

After that's done, just clean it up - bend or reshape as needed to give the ring a consistent round shape.
You're done!!! So simple - so cute!
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