Introduction: Nano Needling at Home - How to & My Results

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Nano needling is a skincare method that can greatly improve the health of the skin. If you haven't heard of it before, it involves the use of a motorized pen device which contains a disposable cartridge at the end of it. The cartridge contains a grid of super tiny nanotips that are almost invisible as they are so small.

When you turn the device on, apply serum to your face and then move the pen along your skin - it will create microscopic channels on the outer layer of your skin. As a result, the serums or skincare you apply during the treatment will have a 10-20x better absorption. Standard skincare products often have difficulty getting past that outer layer. By using this device, it bypasses that issue altogether and allows for products to work a lot better and a lot faster. It's important to use high-quality ingredients!

If you've heard of microneedling, this is a form of microneedling but this one is totally non-invasive, not painful, involves no down-time and is super safe and easy to do at home.

I find nano needling to be very relaxing and therapeutic in a way, in addition to having a lot of benefits to its use. I recently did a three week experiment where I did nano needling at home every-other day and I avoided any other skincare other than the basics. I took before and after photos and made a video as well, to see if I would achieve any changes in my skin in that short period of time. I will share that in the last step of this Instructable.

The reason so many people are turning to nano needling is because it can help address numerous skin issues, while giving you a major glow & make your skin ultra smooth as well. Some people have experienced tightening, others brightening, lessening of the look of pores, as well as improvement in pigmentation and skin tone, among other things. I will share my experiences and thoughts in a later step.


  • A Nano Needling Device & Cartridge
    • I am using the Deminuage Pen called the NanoPen Lux

      ( This code: HLMN20 will give you 20% off) & I'm using their Daily NanoChip Cartridge

  • Serums of your Choice - Feel free to use whatever you like
    • I am using the Ordinary's Buffet Serum as it is packed with incredible ingredients
    • I'm also using the Blanq Serum from Deminuage

    *Note: Experts say it is safe to use Vitamin C serum while Nano needling. I would personally do a spot test to see if that would cause irritation or not first, as it does for some people. If you do have sensitive skin, I would recommend a hyaluronic serum.

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Step 1: Cleanse & Prep the Skin

The first thing to do is wash your face thoroughly. If you normally use a toner, I would then followup with that, in order to remove and residual dirt or makeup from the skin.

After that, gather your supplies!

Step 2: Order of Application & Nano Needling How To

If you want to use a couple different serums, you can start by applying one to your whole face. Let is soak in. Then, you can use the second serum for the treatment.

For the treatment, I recommend working in sections. The pen device will come with instructions. They have a device that is battery-operated and one that is charged. The one that you charge is called the Nano Pen Lux, and I used that one here. But, either one is totally fine.

For me, I start by generously applying serum to my forehead. I then turn the pen on and run it along my forehead. You can move it in any direction you like - back and forth or in circles is fine. Just be sure to move it along that area where you applied the serum. You only need to go over an area once or twice.

Next, I move along to my cheek and generously apply the serum there. I then work on that area. I do that until I am done with the whole face. I sometimes use it on my neck and hands as well. After I am totally done, I will apply even more serum to my whole face.

Just so you are aware - there are a variety of nano cartridges available and some of them work a lot deeper and should probably be used less often for some people. The one I used here was the Daily Nano chip. It is safe to use daily but I prefer a few times a week. If I use a deeper chip, I will probably only do it once a week.

*Note: I also take you with me through the whole process in my video in the next step.

Step 3: My Nano Needling Video With My Results

Nano needling has become a staple in my skincare routine. I am 38 and I normally have extremely dry skin and issues with redness. I noticed that with nano needling, my skin feels ultra smooth, more hydrated and my skin is a lot brighter and more evenly toned. I share my before and after photos at the end of the video here.

I really enjoy skincare, health and wellness - and sharing my journey with others. If you have any questions, please ask! I am here to help!

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