Introduction: DIY Insect Hotel

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How to make a low budget insect hotel.

Step 1: Procedure

For the basic construction, I used an old bookshelf that someone wanted to throw into the trash.

Any wooden construction will be fine for this hotel - old bookshelfs, night stands, small closets....

I cut a few smaller shelves and inserted them into the construction.

The hotel will need a roof too, a simple wooden piece will be fine.

Cover the roof and the back side with something waterproof, so your hotel will last longer.

I used an old plastic packaging of dog food, as it is thick enough, big enough and waterproof. And repurposed this way for something useful.

I've also added two cups on the sides, especially for bees.

The more variety of materials you have inside the hotel, the more insects you will attract.

When inserting wooden pieces, drill some holes the size of about 7-12 mm - so the bugs can enter inside.

Step 2: VIDEO

For a step by step procedure, please watch the video.

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