Introduction: DIY Recycled Hedgehog House

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A hedgehog house provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs to sleep, nest and hibernate, throughout the year.

Step 1: How to Make It

As usual, I wanted to recycle and repurpose materials I had at home. The materials I used are:

- a wooden tray

- a plastic box for the roof

- 2 plastic flower pots for the tunnel

- natural materials such as wood, hay, leafes

For a detailed step by step procedure, please watch the video.

How to make it:

Take a wooden tray and a plastic flower pot. Measure the entrance with the flower pot and drill a hole on the tray.

Cut the bottom of the flower pots and connect them together using tape.

Insert the bigger flower pot into the hole you made on the tray - this is the tunnel and the entrance to the house.

Use a plastic box - or something else that's waterproof - as the roof.

Make sure you can move the roof later as you'll need to clean the house once in a while.

Make sure the tunnel is big enough for hedgehogs to enter, but small enough to keep away cats and dogs.

When you're done with the house, put lots of natural materials on and around the house. Hedgehogs won't come to something that looks unnatural.

And that's it, a totally low budget, recycled version that you can make with kids.

Step 2: VIDEO

For a step by step procedure, watch the video.