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Hey techies,

Techiesms is back with another amazing project article. This time, we have break down one home security based product called Korner and turn that down into DIY project. In this article I have covered almost all the aspects of this project from hardware components to software coding. So let's get started.

Step 1: Intro Video

I have made one intro video, so those who don't know what is korner and how does it works, first watch out this video and then move further.

Step 2: Hardware Components Required

For Korner Stick you'll require,

  • ESP8266 12e board
  • Piezo Buzzer

For Korner Tag you'll require,

  • ESP8266 12e board
  • 3-axis accelerometer

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Hardware Connection for korner stick and korner tag are shown in the fig.

Step 4: Concept Used for Making This Project

First of all, the main part of product Korner are

Korner Stick & Korner Tag

So the concept I used for making korner stick is, first of all this stick need to provide an access point(in simple language,creating an hotspot) to all the tags to get connected to it and in parallel the stick needs to get connected with our router so that the stick can get internet access to send notifications to laptop or mobile phones via Adafruit MQTT Server. So I programmed this ESP board into Mode 3(Both Station and Access Point).

After the tags get connected to the stick, the stick will be waiting for particular links to get requested from the tags. If that particular link is recognized by the stick, it will first send signal to MQTT broker and start buzzing the buzzer 10 times. This is the task done by the ESP board acting as a stick.

And for the korner tags, I have programmed the ESP board to work in Station mode as it just need to connect to our korner stick. After that, the values of the accelerometer gets calibrated according to the surface it is attached on. So, whenever there is any movement of the door, the values of accelerometer gets fluctuated and the ESP board acting as a tag will request one link and that link depends upon the IP address assign to the korner tag.I have explained this concept in very much detail in the project video so watch out to know more.

So this is how I made my own Korner Stick and Korner tag.

Step 5: Code

Code for Korner Stick and Korner Tag is available on my GitHub account, go ahead and download it from there.

Step 6: Project Video

I have also made a project tutorial video of this project and I have also shown live working of the project. Have a look to the video.

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