Introduction: DIY LED Fosshape Horns

Horns constructed from Fosshape - a heat-formable costuming fabric. Decorated with rhinestones and complete with super-simple, stand-alone RGB LEDs.The complete kit is sold here at Solarbotics.


Fosshape 300
2 x slow scroll RGB LED
2 x coin cell batteries
conductive thread
2 x coin cell battery holder - sewable
dimensional fabric paint (like this)
2 x pieces of velcro (hook side)


heat gun
needlenose pliers

Step 1: Pattern

Cut out your pattern - a simple triangle and a circle for the base.

Step 2: Shape the Horn

Sew the triangle along the long edge. Shrink and form it over the heat gun. Shrink the bases too but don't sew them on yet.

Step 3: LEDs Preparation

With needlenose pliers curl up the LED legs and bend them 90 degrees so that the loops sit flat when the LED is facing up.

Step 4: Battery Holder

Grab the battery holder, a coin cell and the base and attach the LED using conductive thread. Make sure the polarity of LED and battery are correct. If everything is wired right the LED will light up.

Step 5: Sew the Base

Sew the base to the horn like shown and add a little tab of Fosshape and Velcro to the opposite side in order to keep it in place. Paint some clear nail polish on the bottom of the horns to isolate the conductive thread from touching the metal of the hair clip. Alternatively, you can fuse small scraps of Fosshape to protect the conductive thread.

Step 6: Paint

Embellish the horns with a pattern of your choice using the Tulip paint. It will take about 4 hours to dry. The Fosshape disperses the light quite nicely.

Step 7: Hair Clip

Hot glue the hair clips to the bottom of each horn. Alternatively, you can sew the finished horns to hair clips or a head band.