Introduction: DIY LED Light Up Mason Jar Center Piece

Today I will be showing you how to make an outdoor light up LED table center piece. This is a quite simple DIY project that with the right materials I highly recommend for you. There are many different ways to do this project and many different designs you can pick to customize it to your desire. I found all of my items lying around my house and there are ways to compromise if you don't have all the items or different items. This project will likely take you about 2 and a half hours from start to finish. With that being said, let's jump right into it!


x1 Mason jar

x1 Choice of color spray paint (I used a gray spray paint)

x1 (Optional) Primer (This might make drawing your design harder but the paint will stick better)

x2 Mason jar lids

x1 Roll of electrical tape (You only really need about 3 feet)

x1 On/Off switch

x1 9 volt battery

x1 Plug with wires for the 9 volt battery

x1 3 inches of scrap wire

x1 Hot glue

x1 waterproof LED light bulb

x1 heat shrink tubbing (ID 1/2)

x1 Chiseling tool

x4 1 inch dry wall screws

x20 small pebbles/rocks ( any color)

Step 1: Taping and Painting

In this step we will be taping and painting your mason jar. All you need for this step is the Mason jar, painters tape and paint. Start by taking your Mason sand taping off the threads so they don't get full of paint when you are painting. When I did this this, this is all I taped, however you can tape your design on so you don't have to chip it off. Then once you taped, you can set it out and paint it. Once it is dry carefully remove the tape but be cautious not to chip your paint. Make sure before you peel your tape, you have done 1 or 2 coats. Then have a spot with a screw driver as you will use this to make your design.

Step 2: Making Your Design

What you want to do, is take a sharpie and mark out where you are going yo have your design. You can print a image out from the internet and cut it out and use that to make your pattern. I simply chose one design then I decided to mark out some of the design on the jar previously. When you are taking off the paint use the screw driver to take it off. One thing to be careful of is not to set the jar on a rough surface otherwise you will end up scraping your other side. Once you are done from here, fill the Mason jar up with water until a half inch from the rim.

Step 3: Lighting and Wiring

What you want to do, is in your cap lid drill a hole in the center or in any other spot you would prefer the light. From there, I took a piece of heat shrink tubing and did that over all the exposed wires on the light to make it waterproof. Then put the light through the hole into the water and before you screw the lid on do a hot glue bead around each side of the hole to ensure water can't get through the hole. Then what you are going to do is put the little plug on the batterie and have two wires sticking off of that (those wires should already be attached to the plug). Next, you will glue your little switch on the cap (like in the picture). From there, connect your black wire from the batterie to the black wire on your light and twist them together and then wrap it in electrical tape. Then on one ear of the plug, connect your lights blue or red wire to it (it will be one or the other). Next, take the red wire off your batterie plug and connect it to the other ear of the switch and you have completed your circuit. Test it by turning the switch on and off and the light should light up.

Step 4: Finishing It Up

You should glue 4 screws on the edges of the cap so it can hold up the cap on top of it. Then set the other cap on top of it and use a little hot glue to finish it up. After that you can take your electrical tape and wrap it around cleaning it up so you don't see the battery or the wires. Finally set some of you pebbles on the top and you are finished. When you eat outside next don't forget to set this out and watch it glow!

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