Introduction: DIY LED Spinner

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This instructable is about how to make hand spinner with glowing LED lights! All you need to make a spinner:

  • 3-layer plywood
  • Bearing (from skateboard, roller...)
  • LEDs
  • 100 Ohm resistors
  • Mini switch
  • CR battery
  • Wires
  • Sinkers
  • Some instruments

Also you can watch a video with full process of assembling.

Step 1: Bearing

Take a bearing: skateboard, longboard, or roller-skates. The bearing has grease, it doesn't let bearing spin fast and long time, so use gasoline to clean bearing.

Step 2: Body of Spinner

Make the spinner's body of 2 pieces of 3-layer plywood (rectangular 30x100 mm). Bearing has 22mm outer diameter, use flat wood or cone drill bit to make a hole. Then fix both halves by screws and process with sandpaper to create a smooth shape.

Step 3: Electronics

100 Ohm resistor is for RED and YELLOW LEDs, GREEN LED is without resistor! Watch a scheme.

Step 4: Grooves and Holes

We to need drill 3 holes almost through body for mounting LEDs. And make some grooves for switch, resistors and wires. Also make a big round groove for battery.

Step 5: Wiring

Use soldering iron to connect all components.

Step 6: Assembling

Push bearing inside both parts of body. Then make holes and push sinkers inside, it is for long time spinning (50 seconds for me).

Step 7: Final

So, LED spinner is done! I like it, my friends like and it and even my cat =)

I remember, that you can watch a video with full process of making and some demonstration.